Naked Coffee

What is Naked Lunch? Jack Kerouac said that naked lunch is what you see when you look at what sitting there on the end of your fork as you are about to insert the fork into your mouth. William Burroughs was present and Bill worked a whole novel out of it. Of course the novel is pure William Burroughs through and through. Now I am making this my Naked Coffee. Sitting here looking at what is right in front of me. Nude yoga in the desert. Nude life with God. Forget the gay scene that’s just man whose breath is in his nostrils. I am looking for much more in life these days.  

Naked Living in the Desert

Naturism is freedom. It is almost worth living all the way down here in Palm Springs just so I can go natural in my house and yard. Plus nude living in the desert is really inexpensive. Hopefully I can create enough revenue from nude yoga to keep going down here. The purpose of this naturism blog is to promote the naturism aspect of the desert. To me the desert means health and relaxation. I don’t want a real job in an office anymore, they don’t let me do nude typing. I just want to hammer out these blogs about gay naked life in Palm Springs. I wonder who reads these blogs of mine at this point. This is all really just to rank my naked website on page one of a nude world. I’m sitting here just pounding this out and observing lonely elderly Jewish homosexual men and their dogs. I think I am jealous. The dog has two men to take care of it. The dog has two men giving it love, attention and a really nice home in the San Fernando Valley. Fuck the damn dog I want that!