HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF: Fascist Song and Dance


Nationalism is Facism

Europeans love the song and dance of ultra nationalism and fascist dog and pony shows created by propaganda machines. Usually America dances to the fascist beat of Europe. Now we are breeding our own nascent fascist movement in America. Xenophobic door slamming and wall building sound outrageous to the sophisticated mind. But it can happen here.

german nationalism The German people were not just obeying Hitler’s orders. The German people are here right now in the form of me and you. Angry Americans are waiting to rise up and kill anyone and everyone different from them. The average person is just waiting to rape and kill his neighbor. The sexual frustration and latent rage in America is palpable. The ruling elite are in danger if the masses ever wake up.

Outside of Nationalism

My existence is outside of nationalism. My message is outside of society. I am in this world but not of it. I am outside of society. I like it that way. At first being an outsider is painful. Recovery of my relationship with God is that I now see the divinity in everything. Now that I am sixty years old being outside America in 2016 is a gift from God. 2016 will be the first presidential election I will intentionally not vote. I exist in a spiritual dimension totally off the grid of mainstream society and I love it this way.

God is Bliss

Your only job in life is to connect to God. God consciousness brings intuition and clear vision. What vibration level to you intentionally choose to exist at each morning? Do you choose a low vibration by getting into a dialog with the morning news or do you choose a high vibration by entering into God consciousness before you even open your eyes in the morning?

liberation from nationalismLove is a Choice

Standing on the outside smiling at the private clubhouse of love graduation ceremony.  Popping off fresh love to the women looking for meal tickets and free lunch. Love is gathering right here right now in my living room. New Pyle sound system creating heaven on Earth with Deva Premal.

If you want love then go to a gathering and  be free love. If you want health and well-being then practice yoga and meditation. Drink green drinks and lots of water. Pray. I even read the Bible. It works for me. I’m just saying. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.