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ANATOMY OF A YOGI: Neutral (Meditative) Mind Evaluates In 9 Seconds


| Chapter 16 | Pages 201 & 202

Yogic Anatomy – The Ten Bodies


Positive (Expansive) Mind 

“Devil or Divine” | Equality, Positivity

Am I open to all possibilities that life has to offer?  Do I let these into my life?

Aquarian teacher yogi bhajanThe  Positive Mind sees the positive essence of all situations and beings. It is expansive and allows resources in. It gives you a strong will and allows you to use your power easily and humbly. It makes you naturally playful and optimistic, and gives you a good sense of humor. It makes your communication strong and direct.

If the Positive Mind is weak, it is like receiving a daily injection of poison. You can be overwhelmed by the input of your Negative Mind, which can be depressing and paralyzing. You may be angry and intolerant, or hesitate to use your own power, your own heat, because you are afraid of the responsibility it brings or afraid that you might abuse it.

Key to Balancing: Strengthen the naval point. Increase your self esteem. Use positive affirmations. If Positive Mind is over developed, strengthen Negative Mind.  

positive mind


Neutral (Meditative) Mind

“Cup of Prayer” | Service, Compassion, Integration

Do I allow myself to perceive and act upon inner wisdom?  

The Nine Second Secret of the Neutral Mind

The Meditative or Neutral Mind is the ultimate “win-win” mentality. From here you look at the whole play of life with compassion.  The Neutral Mind evaluates the input of your Negative and Positive Minds and the rest of the bodies, as well, and gives you guidance within nine seconds. It is a very intuitive vantage point and allows you to access your soul.

If your Neutral Mind is weak you may have a hard time making decisions. You’ll have the habit of feeling victimized by life because you don’t know how to integrate your experiences and find meaning in them. You may have a hard time seeing beyond the polarities of life on earth and tuning into the great cosmic scheme of things.

 Key to Balancing: Meditate.  

positive mind


Physical Body

“Teacher/Balance” | Sacrifice, Balance, Teacher

Do I use my strength and assets for the good of all?  

The  Physical Body is the temple where the other nine bodies play out their parts.  It gives you the capacity to sacrifice–to make sacred. It gives you the ability to balance all parts of your life. If strong, it represents the teacher, who is able to take abstractions and explain then to anyone, of any age, of any intelligence, of any way of life, and able to bring the information into an earthly concrete  form.

With the fifth body one can choose Dharma over Karma.

If you’re fifth body is weak you may be angry, greedy, jealous, competitive, ungrateful. Your inner and outer realities will be out of balance. You may have trouble expressing yourself verbally, and you may be afraid to be in the position of teacher.

Key to Balancing: Exercise regularly. Teach. “Thy Will is my will, O Lord.” 

positive mind

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