Only A Circus Freak Would Live In Palm Springs Year Round

Would you move to squalid Palm Springs if you knew that Councilperson JR Roberts is lying about his fake UCLA architecture credentials? Would you move to Palm Springs to get ripped off? What else is JR lying about? Where is all the money stolen by ex-mayor Pougnet and developer John Wessman? Why is Palm Springs city government and mainstream media still supporting Pougnet and Wessman? I would never move to Palm Springs and get ripped off by these small town criminals and Boy Scout cops.

Palm Springs Councilman JR Roberts

Why I Decided Not to Relocate to Palm Springs

Friends don’t let friends relocate to Palm Springs. My so-called “friend” Trish O’Brien claims that it is only hot in Palm Springs for two months out of twelve in Palm Springs. The purpose of this blog is to tell prospective new residents of PS that this is not true. Palm Springs is unhealthy for year round living because it is dangerously hot for most of the year. The desert is a Winter destination only. Never move to Palm Springs  because the heat stroke will make you nauseous and reduce you to subsistence living.

palm springs city councilmen

I Would Sue My Parents If They Ever Made Me Move to the Desert

When I was a kid my parents would take us to the desert for Winter holidays on Lake Mead and other Colorado destinations. As a child I was indoctrinated with basic survival skills: “120 degree weather is deadly, just say no”. Now when I see morose heat battered teenagers on the Racket Club Crime Corridor, I try and hustle them into becoming lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit by telling them that I would sue the pants off my own parents if they ever tried to make me live in Palm Springs or Cathedral City, CA. The desert is not a healthy place for a child to grow up.

jr roberts shirtless

Who is JR Roberts and what is he doing in my desert?

No Intelligent Homosexual Would Ever Move to the Desert

Moving to Palm Springs full-time would be just plain stupid. It’s the desert! There is nothing there, that’s why I go there, to meditate in solitude. It’s a beautiful place to visit, not another rainbow gay con job to buy into. Smart people don’t live in the desert all year round. If you are affluent and can afford a second or third home, then buy that extra ego home in the desert. But nobody except desperados like me should ever stick it out for two whole years in that small town gay cesspool. 

Never move to Palm springs