new camera view into the back of my apartment

There is a new camera pointed at my windows.

Our new nine person technology team has installed a new security camera pointed directly into my rear window. You can see into my bedroom and living room when my drapes are open. Now you can look right up my ass. It seems as if there are expensive looking new cameras everywhere I look these days. Apparently our existing system is being upgraded in phases. The first new video surveillance camera I noticed was right outside my window staring at me while I was practicing yoga in the morning. When I am meditating in the morning this streetlight & new security camera pointed at my windows are staring at me.

camera pointed at my windows
This is what I see outside my windows


The new camera outside my window was installed at the same time as its twin at the opposite end of the campus. Then a few more cameras went up in the hallways. In addition to new cameras everywhere I also found a strange little plaster bird that resembles a hunting decoy. It is nice to have such an interesting and exciting life to write about.

Why weren’t the residents informed about our new cameras?

The residents were never informed about these new cameras at update meetings or in the daily bulletin. So take a little trip around campus with me while I show you our new electronic surveillance equipment. How much did all of this cost and who paid for it, Chief David Doan?

new cameras everywhere
Can we upgrade to audio capability?

We need to upgrade our surveillance system to include audio capability. I know what people are saying about you but I want to hear what they are saying about me.

The Camera Sees Everyone

Remember . . . the same camera that sees me can also see you. From now on I am keeping a detailed log of incidents and events. You had better be on your best behavior. Now that I know the rules that we are playing by I feel much better.