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Heartbeat Appreciation Day

There is an aphorism in Zen Mind, Beginners Mind which states:

“The man who appreciates his life is as rare as the man who gets dirt on the top of his fingernail.”  

You may ask yourself, is that right?  Who gets dirt on the top of his fingernail?  That’s just the point, people only get dirt underneath their fingernail. Nobody ever gets dirt on top of their fingernail and nobody ever appreciates their life. Twenty-five years ago I used to listen to Peter Coyote read this on audio-book over and over again in my car while commuting to work and it reverberates in my head to this day. It has really helped me to appreciate my life.

Watching the record breaking cold on the East Coast is one way I appreciate this life of luxury I live in Southern California. Another good way to appreciate life is to experience death. A little side trip to hell is a good way to appreciate your very heartbeat because you won’t have a heart to beat in hell. Nobody has a physical body in hell because they have it all neatly contained in their consciousness. I’ve been briefly to hell and it’s an avoidable option, but never try it at home.  Only go to hell while you are in a hospital in case you change your mind just like I did. Heaven or hell, the choice is up to the individual experiencer.

heartbeat hike

Heartbeat Hike

This is my New Year’s Eve Heartbeat hike in Palm Springs blog, where it is seventy-two degrees as the rest of America experiences record breaking cold and ice. Three years ago I was laying in a hospital bed in the middle of an East Coast blizzard and so I really appreciate my life here in Southern California right now. I smile as I keep the TV on the Weather Channel with the audio muted. I’m going to do my laundry and then go on a hike. My chaste lifestyle keeps my social contacts to the bare minimum and as a result I am having the best Holiday Season of my life. I’m even relating to women better by not even saying hello!

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No Religion

I’m stripping down Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan the same way Dogen striped down Buddhism to create Zen. I’m taking out the pearls of wisdom the same way Joel S. Goldsmith parsed the Bible. Even Yogi Bhajan says that nobody needs another God dammed religion. The thing is to experience yourself as God, in God, through God. The meaning of life to increase your intimate experience of the Godhead and only the individual experiencer can accomplish this. 

experience god

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.