New Life

New Year, New Life, New Jacuzzi

This New Year’s Eve celebrated the birth of a new life in my huge new Jacuzzi in Palm Springs. I live and breath in sacred space. I am clean and healthy.  I am inside my body and it is good. By the grace of God my new desert home is a destination. Goodbye to Paul Schneiderman’s defectively designed CMEN stew in Cathedral City. That bipolar goniff Schneiderman made me sleep in my car because of Charles Kenyon’s lies last gay pride weekend in PS. There is no restraining order against Dean McAdams. There is only Dean McAdams coming after anybody who says there is a restraining order. 

Have you ever awakened from a trance to discover you are in a pot of boiling water?  A few months ago I woke up to discover that I never really liked the people I was hanging around with. Looking at Paul Schneiderman sucking on another man’s foot in his swimming pool is not what I prefer in life. However my way is to live and let live and just turn my head and look the other way before I gag and vomit.  John Herriot creeps me out with his fungus ribbon toenails dangling in the water like worms on a fishhook.  But did I ever say anything? No I did not. I just liked running around Palm Springs and Malibu naked all year round. Now I am concerned about getting some new gay disease from these slimy creatures. Now I am concerned that what I am really doing is helping CMEN break the law with illegal sex parties and child prostitution. 

paul schneidrman new life for cruises

Cycle of Life

Art DiMino the Pool Cleaner having a kid at age 60 is pretty damn weird but do I complain to the neighbors?  No I do not.  So why is the Art DiMino Crime Family instigating John Herriot and CMEN with lies about child molesting and restraining orders?  I would really prefer that DiMino, Herriot, PJ Escobar, Charles Kenyon, Richard N. Boehle, Pete Cutter, Jeff Calvert and CMEN did not spread lies about me.  In my new cycle of life this year I plan to finally put an end to all of this false information about Dean McAdams.

Paul Schneiderman

Power and Influence

Power and influence require informed opinion.  The legal system is a very complex and expensive machine to operate.  The law is very precise.  Engaging in gossip and rumor mongering can be very expensive.  I feel I am coming into my true power by finally taking on the vicious Art DiMino rumors.  By confronting the lies head on I am transformed and empowered. Art DiMino and John Herriot are incompetent and corrupt and so they are pointing the finger at Dean McAdams. This is the end of your old life and the beginning of your new life according to truth and justice This purpose of this article is to make them aware of the fingers they have pointing back at themselves. I. Am. Coming. To. Get. ALL. Of. YOU!   

paul schneiderman new life
catholic redemption
catholic redemption
new life

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.