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Kenny Scratch N’ Sniff NFT

NEW YORK SHILL: Double dealing NFT creator-promoter Kenny Schachter is a non-fuckable trash hole.

Irreverent and rebellious New York/London art dealer Kenny Schachter is a NFT marketing con man. Schachter is an extremely fungible token who has greatly inspired me to create hybrid art. Kenny moves my bowels to transcend the elitist NFT griftware that Schachter masturbates upon the public. Just like lemons are turned into lemonade, I have turned art dealer Kenny Schachter into art. Garbage in, garbage out.

art dealer kenny schachter

This blog is a response to Kenny’s tweet for legal advice. I have endeavored to comply with his artistic desire to turn law into art. This blog is my transmutation of Kenny’s federal court cases into hybrid legal art. Kenny asked me to reprint his latest hate mail to me in full.

the hoarder with his porche 911

August 17, 2022 email from art dealer Kenny Schachter

k schachter
How can we be of service?
Thanks for all the publicity! But get your facts right!!! No. 1: I have only ever been sued twice in my 35 year career which is pretty great considering the nature of my practice-2x hardly is considered a serial defendant; and no 2., My car was inspected by Norbert Singer himself, the Mick Jagger of Porsche mechanics who happened to have built my car in 1972 and who attested a) it was NEVER in an accident and b) that my car is the only authenticity R7. Shallit is worse than McGucken and your childish behavior is unprofessional. Why don’t you print this in full, get some more clicks! Have a great day.
art dealer

Thank you for the email Kenny!

It was only yesterday that I was explaining to my clinical therapist how gratifying it is for me to engage with my readers on a substantial level. Now here is internationally acclaimed art dealer Kenny Schachter communicating with me in meaningful dialogue concerning art theory and practice. Life just doesn’t get anymore rewarding than this.

Maybe Kenny will turn me into art like I did to him

Maybe someday art dealer Kenny Schachter will curate a show for me. Perhaps Kenny will even include me in one of his NFT’s. Then again maybe tulip salesman Kenny Schachter will just jerk me off like he did with Jeff Koons balloons.

NFT 052c – Kenny Schachter – “Beating the Bubble (composite/gif)”
NFT 052c - Kenny Schachter - "Beat It (composite/gif)" 3 of 3
Beating the Bubble, 2020
Video file on digital media
NFT 052c – Kenny Schachter
art dealer kenny schachter eating tulips
Eating the Bubble, 2021
Video file on digital media
Edition AP/50 + 1AP

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