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New Papers

This is a blog about new experiences. This purpose of this blog to remind me to renew my expired passport just in case I get lucky again. I’m not really financially qualified for much international travel on my account, but I want to be ready for magic. I’m looking for my next big new adventure after failing at celebrity yoga teacher training in Beverly Hills, California. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you get other results. I have made major accomplishments in life by setting and achieving goals. Now I need to set some new goals and be prepared for miracles this week.

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Beach P.O. Box Bingo

One of my greatest achievements began in the seedy little beach town of Playa del Rey, California where I met R.D. in 2008. R. was temping as the clerk at my private postal box UPS Store three blocks from the sand at 322 Culver Blvd. I was living in my RV with Dharma, my black German shepherd.  We were usually parked at Toes Dunes or at the Triangle on Vista Del Mar with the rest of the RV riff raff. 

My whole life I always wanted to join the secret international organization that controls world affairs and finance. R. gave me the address, told me what time to be there, and made the introductions. This was a goal I had originally set over twenty years earlier but never got around to. The way the magic happened was by me telling R. that I had just returned from hiking and meditating in the desert with Dharma, to which R. said, “Dean you seem like the kind of person that would be interested in _______”.  That moment radically changed my life in a way that will reverberate until my final moments here on this Earth.  

New Monday

Driving out of the parking lot of the gym after my work out while my invigorated mind penetrates the new morning looking for my next big adventure.  Normally I would go to the desert in April. I live in cheap motels so I live wherever I want. But due to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival and the Stagecoach Country Music Festivals even the cheap motels in the desert are a thousand dollars a months for the rest of the high season in the desert. The month of May is already too hot to live in the desert and after June only desperate people live in the desert. I know because I used to be a desperate desert dweller dying of heat exhaustion just so I could live in a palatial estate for $550/per month.  But you have to enter the desert real estate market in the off season when the capitalists are desperate for your money.  No more cheap Palm Springs resorts in April. Is it to early in the year for a California Kid to go to Mt. Rushmore or should I wait until Summer?