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There is no Charles Kenyon restraining order issued against Dean McAdams. Registered child sex offender John Herriot and his cross-dressing attorney Jeffrey Calvert have misrepresented facts which have caused damages to the professional domestic companion career of Dean McAdams.  These two are spreading rumors that the City of Brotherly Love has issued court orders affecting Dean’s personal liberty and freedom.  

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DEAN McADAMS ESCORTING CAREER RUINED: Now CMEN are afraid to pay money to suck Dean’s semen because they think there is a restraining order issued against him and his job performance will be restrained. ¬†There is no restraining order with Dean McAdam’s name on it in existence anywhere on the planet. ¬†Herriot and Calvert don’t know what really happened. They were not present in Philadelphia. Dean was there and now Dean will tell you exactly what happened in this true crime blog:

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No Restraining Order Was Required Because Dean Was Paid Off As Usual By Charlie 

Charlie Kenyon tried to have a restraining order issued against me in Philadelphia in January 2015.  Charlie hired a sensible lawyer and Dean the sensible paralegal/prostitute signed a confidential settlement agreement that Charlie would pay me $10,000 in cash and I would vacate his residence.  Charlie violated the universal confidentiality clause of all court settlement agreements.  YOU CANNOT DISCUSS SETTLEMENTS. Charlie should have kept his mouth shut and said: “The case was settled out of court and I can’t talk about it.”  Instead Charlie told John Herriott.  John Herriott said that his attorney Jeffrey Calvert advised John to prohibit me from attending the 2015 CMEN Fall Gathering in Malibu over Labor Day Weekend.  I was sick of their depraved two week outdoor gay bathhouse and so I  surrendered and let it all go.  The whole thing started at a pool party in the Valley when creepy little manchild Charlie walked up and stuck his ugly tongue in my mouth while I was talking to Dr. Ben the Jewish Nut Doctor.  I let it go, I found greener pastures.  I went from Philly to Palm Springs for cryin’ out loud!  I WON! 

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Now almost two years later I hear that Paul Schneiderman and his prissy roommates are “afraid” of me because there is an alleged restraining order against me. Schneiderman is a bipolar foot fetish sucking wreck who is afraid of everything. Have you ever seen this pathetic Schneiderman character? He makes his living selling gay cruises to his friends. His normal gay friends in the San Fernando Valley laugh at him because he is on three different anti-depressants and babbles like five year old child.

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These non-specific Asperger’s Syndrome sufferers pay me their inheritance disbursements to hang around like MC Hammer paid his royalties to his entourage to pump him up. Call me: Trophy Boy.  Paralegal pays $20/per hour and prostitution pays $200/per hour.  Duh?  

All I want to do is make a lousy four or five thousand dollars a month letting creepy old Jewish men eat me out every few days.  Is that too much to ask in life?  Jeez Louise, my brand is being diluted!

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Jeff Calvert, Esq.

How Can You Undo A Rumor Mr. Calvert? 

Now I have to write all these blogs to get Calvert, Herriott and Kenyon to stop telling wussy old fags that they should be afraid of me.  Some of you are reading this saying to yourselves: Wow Dean is really on a rampage. Yes I am. I am using the full legal authority available to me to stop the cancerous spread of gay rumors about me. I don’t want you to fear me. There is no reason to fear me. I don’t want your fear, what the heck do I get out of that?  I do not profit from your fear, other people do.  I just want your money because when it comes to creepy old men with ugly bodies I’m gay for pay so don’t crawl your tongue up my butt without first putting your money out on the dresser where I can determine if we are both in the same energy field.  My brand is in crisis to prepare me to become President of the United States of America . . . 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.