Conflict of Interest

Violation of Public Trust

Councilman or Salesman?  How can the public trust a politician while he is promoting his $4.2 million historic home he just listed on the highly questionable Palm Springs real estate market? Did JR get elected solely to cash out on PS? Is this guy a public servant or a land speculator?

Are You In Or Out? Isn’t it a conflict of interest for Palm Springs City Councilman JR Roberts to be using his office to promote his private residence, the Edris House as a historic landmark, architectural wonder and cultural museum? Mr. Roberts misrepresents himself as being a licensed architect on the official City of Palm Springs website. His resume states that he is a UCLA Architect and this is not true.  JR Roberts is disreputable on the face of it and he does not deserve public trust or confidence.

no public trust

No Public Space

There is no public space in Palm Springs. Corrupt politicians and developers want citizens to pay for everything. The city charges money to hike in scenic Tahquitz Canyon and they want you to pay to use the Tram for the really good trails. I refuse to pay money to hike in the California desert.

Every morning I intentionally hike on free public trails that corrupt developers have marked with signs indicating “temporarily closed.”  I have a secret entrance in Chino Canyon near the Mr. Roberts Edris House.  I hike up my secret public trail all the way up to Tramway and then on my way back down always exit past the 24/7 rent-a-cop security guard at the main gate at the very top of Racquet Club Road. The security guard doesn’t let the defrauded public up until 3:30 p.m. I just walk around like I own the place because I’m standing up to corrupt politicians and developers reneging on public access to the Chino Cone Natural Preserve.

You Talkin’ To Me? I’m hoping JR Roberts will have me arrested for hiking on public property designated for public use. The Desert Palisades developers have public access to the nature preserve written into their contract, but they are just ignoring it in typical John Wessman style. 

No Pussy Grabbing in Public:  Yesterday morning when I was walking down a really wholesome looking college girl wanted to go up but the security guard was telling her to come back at 3:30.  I really wanted to help the sexy little bitch out, but decided against it. There is nothing in it for me. I’m thinking this natural looking California girl is going to be like the totally cool hippie chicks of my 70’s youth and she will dig my secret anarchist’s entrance. But what if this little girl is not cool and rats out my secret entrance into my personal free desert hiking paradise? There is nothing for me to gain and everything to lose. Let the poor kid put on her little pink pussy hat and scream girl power on CNN. I’m going home for breakfast. 

ps public trust

No Public Trust and No Public Drinking Fountains in Palm Springs

Desert Tap Water is Not Drinkable and Richard Braun Won’t Even Offer It in the Desert?
There is nothing free within the Palm Springs City limits.  Wessman developer Richard Braun isn’t even going to put in a public drinking water fountain in the new downtown Palm Springs revitalization. The Wessman-Pougnet conspiracy wants tourists paying Measure J sales tax on commercial drinking water sold in retail establishments.  No drinking fountains, no parks, no public art. That is a blatant violation of public trust.  Downtown Palm Springs is dead because JR Roberts is promoting his personal interests ahead of public interest. You could be dying of thirst in public and you would be forced to purchase water from a Wessman retailer and pay Measure J extra one cent sales tax.

No Free Gay Anymore: Cool gay people don’t even hang out in Palm Springs anymore. Who wants to spend money on a con job just because it’s run by gay people? Everything really fun is private party in the desert. Even JR Roberts charges $35.00 admission to the art events at his house. Where is JR Roberts going to move when he sells his house? JR doesn’t like the streets of PS, I understand.  

Public Danger: This is almost as bad as Sikh Temple Brawling.  It’s dangerous on the streets of gay unfriendly PS. There have been gay bashings on Arenas Street by peckerwoods preying on old gay geezers exiting Hunter’s Nightclub. Palm Springs is just really dismal these days. The new downtown isn’t even going to have public water fountains. No public drinking fountains screams out: No public wanted!

Public DisdainDESERT SUN | March 24, 2017 |  . . . the landscape and streetscape plan for the downtown redevelopment– the public spaces owned by the city – are sorely lacking in too many details, the commission said Wednesday, as it sent the project back to Wessman Development, the firm leading the remake of downtown.  “Are there any public drinking fountains in this project?” Michael Hirschbein, a planning commissioner, wanted to know. There are none, he was told.

“I think, yeah, we do need drinking fountains,” said Doug Hudson, a planning commissioner. “We do need a lot more in from this project. “I need to see a lot more detail at a much larger scale,” he added. “And personally, I’d like to see some 3-D images of what the pedestrian experience is going to be like on these paseos.”

The drubbing by the planning commissioner came just as city officials were preparing for a live report on KMIR-TV News on the state of the downtown project, cozily presented from  atop the six-story Kimpton Hotel, which is under construction and set to open at the end of August.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.