PROPER POLARITY | Tantric Initiation Is Not For People Who Need Physical Contact

tantric initiationkundalini tantraKundalini Tantra

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

EXCERPT | Chapter 8 | Types of Kundalini Awakenings

Kundalini Awakening by the Eighth Method: Tantric Initiation 

Tantric initiation is not for men seeking sexual release of excess energy caused by an overactive sacral chakra. Only devotees familiar with the Shiva-Shakti dynamic are entitled to this initiation into unified consciousness. Tantra is for purified yogis who have transcended the sexual urge and overcome their passions. One of the goals of tantra is to purify the subconscious so that kundalini infused subconscious energy can freely travel the polarity between female Shakti energy and male Shiva energy. The ultimate human destiny of union with the divine is perfected in totality with Shiva-Shakti union as divine consciousness. Tantra is consciousness intercourse with God. 

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Tantric Methods Do Not Suppress Energy

Karma yoga and bhakti (devotional) yoga are considered comparably safe and mild methods of awakening, but the tantric methods are more scientific than non-–tantric methods, because in tantra there is no scope for suppression or dispersion of energy.  In non-–tantric methods there is antagonism – one mind wants it and the same mind is saying no. You suppress your thoughts, you want to enjoy, but at the same time you think, “No, it’s bad.

I am not criticizing non-tantric methods. They are the mild methods which you do not bring you any trouble. They are just like beer – you drink a little bit and nothing happens, drink four to ten glasses and not much will happen. But tantric methods are like LSD, you have a little and it takes you right out. If something is wrong, it is wrong; if something is right, it is right.

subconscious mind power
Airing the Unconscious

In the course of your yogic practices there may be isolated awakenings in the ajna chakra, in which the awareness enters the realms of the unconscious mind and you see figures, symbols and even monsters or benevolent beings. You may hear or experience many inexplicable things, but they are all simply products of your own unconscious mind and should be regarded as nothing more. With the awakening  of psychic consciousness, the symbols belonging to your own personality will come out. When this happens archtypesyou may have a problem understanding, but just remember, these kinds of expressions or simply parts of your being which have been lying in reserve and they have to come out for airing.

When the explosion of kundalini awakening takes place it brings out whatever was already in you. If you have a personality full of obsessions and mental blocks, that’s going to explode. Therefore, before one attempts awakening of kundalini, he must have arrived at a point of purity of consciousness or clarity of mind, chitta shuddhi.  That is why a relentless effort should be made to render the mind free from all the disturbing archetypes in the subconscious before you try to handle tantric initiation. 


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