now i lock my doors 24/7

ELDER ABUSE: I Have Never Locked My Doors While At Home During the Day Until Now

ELDER ABUSE: Masonic Homes Employees Are Doing Their Usual Best To Fuck Me While I am Nude Sunbathing in the Privacy of My Own Back Yard

Coronavirus is radicalizing me at Masonic Homes Covina where employees are right on top of me, 24/7, grinding and working my nerves. Riding around in club cars and doing their best effort to stress me out during stay at home orders in Los Angeles County. Just now I was sunning my athletic body outside of my apartment, when an MHC maintenance man got right up on top of me. He was just out joyriding and he turned his go-cart around in an unsafe manner at the corner of the street, just so he could admire my yoga body and say hello to me. I really don’t even know what their names are. MHC employees intentionally violating social distancing is one of the reasons that, now I lock my doors while I am walking around naked in the privacy of my own home.

Right now I am going to go back outside and continue getting my vitamin D like I was doing before Jesse interrupted me. If Edgar and Angel Martinez are going to violate my social distancing, then in my opinion, they should stay at home to prevent unnecessary social closeness.

now i lock my masonic homes door 24/7
Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door will be opened

NOW I LOCK MY DOORS: Four Good Reasons Not to Barge Into My Apartment Without Knocking

There are four good reasons why I now lock my doors at all times. First off, like I told Gayle yesterday, I am a heart attack survivor and when you startle me by barging into my apartment, it makes my heart hurt and you could give me a heart attack. Secondly, I am practicing social distancing, even if you are not. You don’t have to understand SD, you do not have to want to practice SD, you just have to suffer the consequences of enforced social distancing. Third, it is an invasion of my privacy to enter my apartment without knocking while I am inside. Lastly, all you have to do is knock and I will open the door.

apartment masonic homes covina

There is No Smoking Inside My Residence

I know what you are doing and you know what you are doing. You actually think you are going to barge into my home and catch me smoking. I don’t smoke in my apartment anymore and therefore you will never catch me smoking in my rooms even if you kick the door down.

now i lock my doors back front
I was going to sell this or give it away until Facilities Services confiscated it on March 23, 2020

You may have smelled my recent earth shattering method of boiling my glassware to clean it. It wasn’t smoking, it was cleaning. I was boiling my vaporizer out in the open, in the kitchen, because it wasn’t smoking it was cleaning. But it smelled like cigarettes to me, and so I only did it twice indoors.

Now I do all of that cleaning outdoors using my Blackstone propane stove to boil water. From now on, I will only be cleaning my vaporizers outside because it makes a big, smelly resin mess in the kitchen that is too much work to clean. There is still some resin on my electric stove top in the kitchenette. If you do see me vaporizing it will always be outdoors.
March 23, UPDATE: Environmental services confiscated my propane set up. This was a brand new tank I purchased because I slept next to it in my mini-van camper conversion. I was going to sell it for $50 or give it away. The tank is almost full so Donato or someone in Maintenance will have a nice new tank for their barbecue. This is just MHC employees fucking with me to get their kicks. I guess I deserve having my things ripped off for writing these blogs. But Donato can only take my junk one time. I can write as many blogs about Masonic Homes employees as I want, because I have unlimited Go Daddy c-panel managed web hosting space for this site.

Food Service is Exempt and May Enter at Any Time

Even though I am now developing the habit of locking my doors at all times, Masonic Homes Covina employees who are delivering my food can enter my apartment in the morning if I am out exercising, but that rarely happens. I am usually in my house when food is being delivered. This blog only applies to non-food employees who are transgressing basic respect for human dignity.

Now I lock my doors while I am home during the day for the first time in my life

The purpose of this blog is to get me into the habit of locking the door behind me. I just now got up and locked my front door while writing these words. In order to maintain strict social distancing during the novel corona virus pandemic, I will now keep my doors locked even when I am home in broad daylight. Environmental services employees keep barging in on me asking me for empty food containers. I keep telling them that I insist on taking my own garbage to the trash containers. The trash closet is only a few feet from my door. I have solved one small part of my social distancing problem by doing what I always did and taking out the trash. It may take MHC employees a few more days, however, I am confident that they will soon stop asking me for my trash.

You can bang on my door when you know I am napping after meals, but I still will never ever have any trash for MHC employees because I insist upon depositing all of my trash into the trash bins just like I always did before the novel corona virus.

now i lock my doors exterior apartment masonic homes covina
My hospital food tray was loaned to me by my SMP-307 Lodge Bro. Rodney Proett, a 100 year-old WWII veteran who stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day and fought his way to Berlin!
My Problem At Masonic Homes Covina Can Be Traced Back to Employee Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez is a name I know, however, I do not actually know the person attached to this name. I identify Mr. Martinez as being at the root of my problem, along with his supervisor Ms. Bobbie Dimmit.

When I moved in on June 18, 2019, MHC Environmental Services employee Angel Martinez just walked right into my apartment without knocking. He did it to release my screen door that had been locked open during my move-in earlier in the day. Maybe he had a reason but he still should have knocked because I was taking my pants off in my living room when he barged in! I prefer to be naked in the privacy of my own home.

mhc interior apartment

A few days later when my exterior water was turned off, I was walking around my apartment trying to figure out what was wrong. Mr. Martinez lied to me when he stated that Bernards, the general contractor for our new skilled nursing facility, had broken a sprinkler pipe. Three days later I even told Jennifer and I told Bobbie Dimmit to their faces that I wanted to see evidence of the broken pipe in writing, but they never gave it to me.

I have been raised to the sublime degree of Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons. Now I lock my doors when I dash inside to take a pee, even though there is a 24/7 armed security guard at the gate of Masonic Homes Covina.

stay at home
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