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Nude Yoga Practice Masculine Feminine Energy Flow

Outdoor nude yoga practice balances masculine feminine energy flow into a sexy body. Improve your health and well being by practicing yoga naked in the fresh air and sunshine of Palm Springs. Break free of mainstream gay life and fake Hollywood homosexuals. Don’t base your role models on out dated concepts such as drag, camp and leather. Do you really like all that cumbersome leather gear? I think the gay leather lifestyle is a gimmick to sell stuff just like Christmas!

You don’t need a prop to be a homosexual. A lot of gay life is like a lot of alternative life in general: One big open air market for commercial consumption of an adventurous and exciting healthy gay lifestyle. Gay pride festivals are just street festivals catering to homosexuals, bisexuals and adventurous heterosexuals.

In a way I am doing the same thing by pimping naked yoga with this website. However the reason I am branding the Palm Springs gay naked yoga lifestyle is to actually meet other enlightened gay and bisexual men in the desert via donation based classes. I am not selling anything. I am sharing my years of expensive yoga classes to meet men and to practice my yoga teaching. My naked yoga is donation based. Save money on expensive yoga shorts and practice gay nude outdoor yoga with me. I will be practicing and teaching for love and donation anyway everyday.  


Donation Nude Yoga Practice in Palm Springs


Donation nude yoga practice is new to Palm Springs. Any donation yoga is new to Palm Springs. Donation yoga is the new business model to correct the over abundance of yoga teachers in America today. I don’t even have yoga teacher training or education and I am teaching yoga. I once taught a nude kundalini yoga class in Malibu. The entire class was breathing with in one breath one movement. It was beautiful. I met Jean Franzblau there. Ms. Franzblau is an adorable little Jewish girl and I was honored to be naked with her in her feminine perfection of small boobs and big brain. Jean and I are both sexual education teachers. I just love that woman. 


Unlicensed Nude Yoga Teacher


I am an unlicensed nude yoga and white tantra teacher. I am a freelance tantrika operating without a permit. I am an androgynous natural at smashing the yoga paradigm. I love yoga teachers and I love women. I know yoga teachers and I know women and I know there will not be a big market for female heterosexual nude yoga. Not even in Palm Springs or Santa Cruz where there are lots of lesbians. Very few women have enough agency to take of their clothes at festivals or in nature. That’s okay I will take off my clothes and provide original content creation. Look at how much content creation mileage I got of of these nude yoga practice photographs I took.


Nude Yoga Practice Balances My Masculine Feminine Energy Flow


Nude yoga practice opens up my intuition and reasoning. I see now how I have become too involved with CMEN, Dr. McDuff and pedophiles like Charlie K. and Billy H. (I hope I can remember all these fake names). McDuff is the Shrek of gay lovers and even then he could not mount and penetrate. My love for McDuff was emotional and not erotic. McDuff was a teacher and mentor more than I lover. When it was good with McDuff I called him Big Daddy. McDuff was my Big Daddy that I met on Silverdaddies.  I’m glad I rode it for all it was worth. Everytime I watch My Fair Lady I think of my life in New York with Dr. McDuff. 

D. Keith Maccaddam, known legally as Dean Keith McAdams, is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact:
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