Older Gay Men Taking Advantage of Underage Boys

When Kevin Spacey was fourteen years old he was probably having lots of really great sex with older gay men who were aggressive enough to solicit minors.  I sure the hell was when I was sixteen years old because my sixteen year-old virginal girlfriend wouldn’t let me past second base.  Thanks to my androgynous Latin body all I have to do is stand on the street corner and gay men like Kevin Spacey will stop and pick me up.  It was definitely too young an age for me to be cultivating my bisexuality and fortunately I was able to walk away from full-time total homosexuality until I recovered from alcoholism in my late forties.  I wonder how many children liked it with Kevin Spacey?  How many minor children did the adult Kevin Spacey solicit for homosexual activity that we will never hear about?  How many kids did he invite over to his apartment and spring pornography on them that we will never hear about?  My guess would be hundreds of true victims.  Children are true victims when it comes to misconduct like this. 

Spacey Sex Teacher

I can only imagine how many underage boys had their gay educations greatly accelerated by the actions of Kevin Spacey.  A lot of those kids enjoyed having sex with older gay men.  I know because I was one of them.  Not with Kevin Spacey per se (we are the same age), but with the more experienced men and boys who taught me how to have sex with another man.  It takes a long time to learn how to be gay.  There is a lot to be learned from experienced older gay actors like Kevin Spacey. 

Closet Case is Also an Offense

When I read about his sexual aggressiveness and audacious flirting I smile at the gay social scene circus I have now long retired from.  When I read about Kevin Spacey I become a little angry that he denied he was gay for so long.  Kevin Spacey is a very deceptive character who is not representative of a modern sexually enlightened man.  Unfortunately for Mr. Spacey, he and I are of a generation where it was not okay to be gay or bisexual when we were young. The world has changed since Kevin Spacey and I were young and now it is okay to be gay, bisexual, transgender, hyper-sexual, nude on stage, whatever.  Kevin Spacey could have easily come out of the closet a lot sooner that he did.  Instead he denied his true self.  He lied to himself and that is his biggest crime.  

Some young men prefer older men.  We have only heard about fourteen year-old Anthony Rapp and twenty other underage boys who turned down Kevin Spacey’s inappropriate and perhaps illegal sexual advances.  For every gay rejection by a minor there were probably a dozen or more successful illicit sexual conquests by Mr. Spacey.  How many boys did Kevin Spacey educate?  He could probably open an acting school.  

Homosexuality is learned behavior.  Older gay men throughout history have taught younger gay men the ropes.  I have had an exciting gay life by being totally submissive and letting older and more experienced men always take the lead.  Because of aggressive older men like Kevin Spacey, I just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Mr. Rapp does not have a valid complaint, and he even admits that an attorney told him that when the sexual incident happened forty years ago.   My complaint is that Kevin Spacey stayed in the closet for so long. 

Older Gay Men Usually Stay Closet Cases

Was Kevin Spacey trolling us all along?  Mr. Spacey and most actors can be summed up in one word:  Fake.  We pay actors to be fake so it should come as no surprise that a two time Academy Award winner like Mr. Spacey is a really good fake.  Kevin Spacey is not a fake alpha gay male.  Alpha gay males such as Mr. Spacey give gay and bisexual men a problem because their predatory behavior becomes emblematic of all sexually adventurous bisexual men. 

Demonized by Promiscuity

Promiscuous homosexual predators such as Mr. Kevin Spacey become the representative gay man in the eyes of the public.  Because of Mr. Spacey it becomes easy for the public to demonize all bisexuals as promiscuous.  “Oh, he is a yogi bisexual, that means he wants to rape young boys like that Hollywood fag Kevin Spacey.”  There are many closeted homosexuals who are bad for sexual enlightenment.  There are many criminal homosexuals such as J.R. Roberts who are bad for sexually adventurous men.  The purpose of journalism is to expose this entitlement.  Older men sexing younger men is only okay if both parties are consenting adults.  What will happen when Kevin Spacey comes out of hiding and tries to resume his acting career?

Dr. Paul McDuff, OB/GYN
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