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This is day one of the month of July 2016. This is a blog about how to be at one with the universe. Surrender everything. Forget everything you know. There is a space inbetween the silence where everything really begins. Quietude. Gratitude. Meditate in the desert and the universe will come to you in silver moon slices. 

Ramakrishna Christ Mindone

Ramakrishna contracted an ailment called “guru throat” or “speaker’s throat” from talking too much. He died of throat cancer at age 50. My father and uncle’s voices started sounding old as they aged. I am trying to save my voice so that doesn’t happen to me. I am blogging instead of speaking. One Christ mind blog after another. 

Religion and Culture

Yesterday at lunch this guy Bill comes up and sits down next to me. Bill says he is into the intersection of religion and culture. I engaged him with my kundalini body of Christ Joel S. Goldsmith spiel.  Bill backed off. Did I come on too strong? Bill said the topic was too controversial to discuss in the banquet hall at the MIzel Center. Bill says he directs the bridge games, maybe I will or will not look him up.


My house landlord’s house guests don’t really interest me this morning. After drink this coffee and write this blog I will once again go to the Indio Law Library. I have statutory authority that says my $200k damages gets split between me and one sister, not me and two sisters. I am making money the only way I know how. Living trust litigation in probate court. Chop chop. People rob banks because that’s where the money is and people litigate in probate court because the dead guy’s money is all sitting right here nice and pretty as you please. Yum yum. Chomp chomp. I like my cash in $100k lump sums every few years and that is the way my life works. Thank you very much. Money brings freedom.
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