Productivity Means Fresh Meat

The Internet runs on exciting images and does not appreciate subtlety. Website productivity means constantly creating interesting new images because that is what search engines love. Search bots go where the fresh food is. And the search bots want to eat in a safe place. The secret to blogging success is to offer fast, fresh, safe content for your readers to eat and enjoy. LegalNoodle tastes good and it’s good for you.

Piece of Therapeutic Art Work


David Doan is my new therapy art project on this Saturday morning at 5:55 a.m. Mr. Doan is functioning as my art therapy instructor at the Midnight Mission online where I am in online recovery for the emotional disease of alcoholism. It must be working because I have fifteen years of high quality sobriety. My only problem in life is that it is also very low paying. Maybe Professor Doan’s tutelage will remedy this financial disability which is common to the recovering alcoholic.

yoga lesson girls


Yoga and meditation are also very important to my personal program of recovery from the spiritual malady of alcoholism. First I healed myself, then I healed my family and now I am healing the whole world with meditation. Tomorrow I will begin healing the entire universe. Tomorrow. Always tomorrow. What if tomorrow never comes and I fail to heal the entire known cosmos? Maybe I should get back to meditation now.

New Thing

Now that I am an old man not really in to sex with anyone except myself it is amazing that I went through a ten year gay phase. The best thing about my gay years was meeting my father figure Dr. Paul Allen, OBGYN. Dr. Allen transformed me from a sociopathic emotional basket case into a man capable of achieving emotional intimacy with another human being. As a result I was then able to attain emotional intimacy with myself and God.

Productivity Memorial to the late Michael A. Rush of Sunland-Tujunga, California

Michael Andrew Rush was the son of rock star cinematographer Marvin and totally competent mother Patricia Rush when they all lived on Glenties Lane together with daughter Christina (Wolf) as a happy family. Sweet angel Michael spent his days dreaming he was late to a Marilyn Manson concert at the Necropolis.

Michael was a sad-faced little kid who lived across the street from me while I was a degenerate guitar player living in a one-room shack with only a cold-water sink on my parents property in Tujunga, California. Toothless in-bred hillbillies roamed the estate while I read Jack Kerouac and wrote mediocre thrash rock songs for my band to play at third-rate rock clubs. Shit rock. I did the world a favor and gave up on music while I was still young enough to recover from it all. Apparently young Michael Rush was not that lucky.

Yesterday I found out that lost boy Michael gave up on life early. Suicide doesn’t end anything. Now little Michael has probably been recycled into a monkey living in a jungle in Viet Nam. I have been retooled into a productivity blogger living in a totally anonymous suburb of Los Angeles County. Hopefully when I finally pass at a ripe old age I will not have to be reincarnated for another lesson in life.