SEXOLOGICAL TRAINING: Have You Ever Experienced Orgasmic Feet?

Ogasmic Feet and the Prostate Gland Transferance


Advanced male sexuality practice involves expanding and transferring prostate awareness into having orgasmic feet. Obtaining an advanced degree in sexological bodywork and training for a career as a professional sex worker is based upon integrated masturbation. My own orgasmic feet practice has expanded my erogenous zones up my legs and bottom up into my lower back and beyond. Years of creating new neural networks has created my ability to experience full body orgasm.

The purpose of this article is to save a few thousand dollars and learn tantric masturbation from this website instead of taking expensive courses at the Sexological Bodywork Institute in Oakland, California. Spend your money on kundalini yoga, the best healing modality I have found so far. Good hatha yoga is expensive and much more important than a formal university education in human sexuality. Get your sex education for free on the Internet. 


Masturbation and Orgasmic Feet

Orgasmic feet are developed through homosexual anal masturbation. Homosexuality was invented by the Greeks as an integral component of sexual wholeness. Homosexuality is intended to be a temporary part-time alternative to a completed heterosexual lifestyle. By learning about gay sex men become liberated from the power of pussy and the Bank of Vagina. Experiencing gay full body orgasm is both spiritual and subversive.

When I was fourteen years-old I would intuitively raise my legs during sex to stimulate my prostate gland. I experienced the awareness of my orgasm evolving from my penis to my prostate and anal canal. Later my anus, perineum and bottom became extensions of my penis and prostate. In my thirties after my wife stopped having sex with me I began masturbating professionally. I developed the ability to transfer my sexual arousal from my prostate to my feet. When I was in my mid-thirties I developed orgasmic feet from heterosexual anal masturbation.  

My erogenous zones have evolved and expanded throughout the years with my masturbation practice. One of the few girlfriend I had for any length of time was really into masturbation. The doctoral program at the Sexological Bodywork Institute involves a personal tantric masturbation project. When I took sexuality at CSUN we had a workshop where the men lined-up on one side of the lawn and the women lined-up on the other as we watched each other masturbate. All of this helped me to developed the exquisite practice of tantric anal masturbation and orgasmic feet.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.