How to Become a Blogger

The way to become a writer is write a lot. The way to write a lot is to inject your writing with your libido. You have to learn how to channel your sexual energy into writing productivity. Today I am channeling my sexual energy into this blog entitled “original girl” and I am going to make love to it. If you write with the same urgency that you think about sex then you will become extremely prolific. This is called transmutation of sexual energy.

Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Have you ever wanted to be intimate with Ann Bradney but you didn’t think that it was worth the $500 it would cost to take her on your basic first date? Transmute that sexual energy by simply writing a blog post called fuck Ann Bradney. In the same time it would take to actually be with Ann, I have written over ten blogs about her. Ann Bradney has been a major sex therapy muse for me in the past. Now I have a new mulatto muse.

original girl

Transmutation of Original Girl

Creation is the original girl for me. Before I ever had a girlfriend I had my guitar and writing. I discovered transmutation of sexual energy when I was sixteen years old. Instead of going out with my girlfriend I would write a song. I already had a million pop songs playing in my head so I simply wrote down a few of my own.

mulatto muse

Where Will My Original Girl Take Me This Morning?

It is difficult for me to keep my house clean with this blog so available to take up my time. My yoga practice has revealed to me that I really need to vacuum and mop. I even bought stove top cleaner because I ruined my cook top over-boiling artichokes. However writing about my original girl and redesigning this website with her new artwork has taken up the better part of two days. Maybe I can convince my new art department to clean my kitchen.