I Am the Original Virtual Paralegal for San Francisco and the Bay Area

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Original Virtual Paralegal










Virtual Paralegal


I am the original virtual paralegal. I was with the development of the Internet every step of the way. By staying at the forefront of technology and becoming an online paralegal in 2008 I am able to survive in the lean mean days of the upcoming Summer of 2015. 


Virtual Paralegal in San Francisco


I still have a paralegal presence in San Francisco with an old MerchantCircle listing that I no longer have the password or logins for. I used to get two or three jobs a month in the Bay Area with that virtual paralegal listing. I have had paralegal clients with Mimosa bars in Oakland and breach of contract lawsuits in Richmond and Alameda. 


What is a Virtual Paralegal?


Original virtual paralegal is a buzz word that was kinda-sorta big a few years ago. The word virtual was prefixed onto everything from reality to pornography. A virtual paralegal is an online paralegal. A online paralegal does not need to meet with you in person to complete your legal documents and court forms. Many of my clients never meet me in-person because they do not live in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. However more and more clients are coming over to my new virtual online paralegal services office in West LA. A mobile paralegal like me has an online and a brick and mortar presence. A contract litigation paralegal also needs a hard address that clients can walk right up to and hand you the cash. From now on I am not telling my new clients to meet me at local restaurants. I am telling them to just walk right up to 5630 Sepulveda Boulevard, #22, Culver City, CA 90230.


An Original Virtual Paralegal is Really Anything Legal


An original virtual paralegal is a virtual magician when it comes to court forms, pleadings, and other legal documents as a problem solving tool. Just tell the legal document assistant which forms you choose and the LDA will fill them out for you. My special online paralegal rate is currently $25.00/per hour. I can work from my home office or come to  your home or office for high quality paralegal work product. Do you have a discovery plan in your litigation? Get a basic discovery plan going soon because discovery always takes longer than you think.