Orphans Left Behind By The Cornerstone Ceremony Spruce-Up Job

Here are some lonely orphans that never made it into the ground on Friday July 12, 2019 before the Cornerstone Ceremony the following day. These tiny tots are valued at $9.98. The orphans were purchased for the “Once a Year Make-Up Event” at the Masonic Home Covina. The over-worked gardeners had to leave these kids here while they chipped in with the power washing and painting.

When there is a big event at MHC the entire continuing care retirement community has to pitch in. Sometimes a few widows and orphans get left behind. It is actually a good thing that these ugly ornamental fig trees never made it into the ground. There are already several of these spindly specimens outside my apartment and they are not needed in any great abundance.


In the movie Spotlight, Michael Keaton plays a real life Boston Globe associate editor who prides himself on trolling for topics. Spotlight illustrates the importance of trying wrongdoers in the media instead of the courtroom. Serious crimes are for prosecutors and plaintiff’s attorneys. Smaller errors are best left to fearless investigative journalists. That is what I do here at LegalNoodle.

The reporters of the skeleton Spotlight crew were told by the editor-in-chief to focus on the institution, and not the people. The boss said to go after Cardinal Bernard Law himself. That is what I am doing here. We only fry big fish here at LegalNoodle. We don’t cook little sardines that get paid by the hour.

Big fish, no?

-Jacques Cousteau

I don’t want to catch any rank and file union members with my spotlight. I don’t mind if Most Worshipful has break union rules but I object to him having to move his own microphone stand during the live ceremony. Therefore my spotlight’s target is Ms. Bonnie Dimmit, head of maintenance at MHC.

Ms. Dimmit moved a flag stand right before the Cornerstone Ceremony. But she didn’t move the microphone stand close enough to the podium to be of any good use to anyone. Every Grand Lodge Officer at that podium was doing acrobatics to get centered with the podium and get the microphone closer to his mouth.

Spotlight on the Director of Maintenance at MHC

Most Worshipful said from the podium that he hoped no union members would be outraged by the microphone mishap. No union members stepped forward at that time. However at this time I would like to formally protest that Bonnie Dimmit should have paid the same attention to detail with the microphone stand ans she did with the flag pole stand. And what about these orphans? Shouldn’t the maintenance department return these unused ficus to Home Depot or wherever they came from?

Excellent Review for Dr. Druv Sharma, Internist – West Covina, CA

My primary care physician Dr. Druv Sharma gets a great review for updating the pain therapy regimen for my post-herpetic neuralgia. My mind control and spiritual self-healing could no longer stop the expanding radius and severity of the stabbing hot nerve pain dominating the right side of my body. My right palm and the sole of my right foot were cramping up and turning me into a cripple.

MHC Administration

I started learning now to write with my left hand in preparation for total paralysis of my right arm. Then I decided to seek further medical attention instead. Neurontin stopped my pain for the past hear but the effects began wearing off a few months ago. When I finally made the appointment for further pain therapy, the pain got worse just by me thinking about it. The name of my new medication is intentionally left out of this blog.

Now my physical pain has been miraculously healed by generic pharmaceutical drugs. The constant hot stabbing pain is gone and I can sleep at will. The drug I am on was primarily designed for treatment of other maladies. It is amazing how much total relief this drug provides for post herpetic neuralgia. Thank you Dr. Sharma.

dead flowers
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