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Only An Outcast Like Me Has the Tolerance to Love Everyone

Tolerance The Movie

That old D.W. Griffiths silent epic, Intolerancewas a morality play that really had an impact on my life when I was a film student forty years ago. I decided to open up my life and become more tolerant of people who were different from me.

tolerance for old ageI was always an outcast and so my social mobility was always a super conscious effort with me. By demonstrating tolerance for new and different people, places and things, my world is now huge.

My main Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor is a female professional sex worker. I never hold things like that against people. I believe in supply in demand as well as tolerance. I say make the suckers pay, that’s what I do! 

tolerant for loveBeauty and the Beast

One day I got so lonely and desperate living in my RV with my dog that I let a dirty old man come along and seduce me. He was over six feet tall and looked like Shrek, the fictional animated character in Disney movies. Beauty and the Beast. It turned out to be one of the most important human relationships in my life. I learned love and intimacy from a retired gynecologist. My tolerance paid off big time as usual. 

Most of my intimate sexual and emotional relationships have been with people who are not particularly physically attractive. In other words there was not a lot of competition. By loving people who needed someone to love both of our lives were made richer. I need to be with people who really want to be with me.

Chili-Pepper-Sexy-GIFTolerance Leads to Enlightenment

Now I am at one with the constant practice of the presence of the Body and Consciousness of Christ. I moved back into that RV a few years later only now my dog had passed on. In this blessed moment of aloneness in July 2012 I experienced authentic Christ Consciousness for the first time. By being tolerant of everything I became tolerant to the truth of my life. This is for me and probably not for you.