Scene of the Crime

Scene of the Crime

Attorney Brian Lysaght is a Danger to My Soul Recovery The world is a dangerous place. It took me twenty years of failed attempts to finally recover from the disease of alcoholism. As a result my work record was so sporadic that it became necessary to work as a...



Rogue Undercover Investigators If my death is ruled as foul play occurring under suspicious circumstances there will be a large number of freelance undercover investigators to question.  Currently my life is under siege by private Mossad agents trying to entrap me in...

UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATOR | Gays Are Naturals at Undercover Deception

UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATOR | Gays Are Naturals at Undercover Deception

Lock Him Up Political deception is rampant in America. Our leaders all need to be investigated. Elected officials and their agents should be thrown in prison to set an example wherever possible. When it comes to political deception it seems like gays are naturals at...

Private Opinion | Public Affairs

The answer to child sex trafficking and government corruption is community policing. You can learn to become an online investigator to expose illegal conduct.  This website will teach you how to find valuable public information about your witnesses.  Freelance spies and private investigators are used by private individuals, corporations and understaffed law enforcement agencies.

The opportunities to become involved in this exciting field are enormous.  Mainly because undercover operatives are also used by intellectual property thieves and other bad actors.  Everyone is either a witness or a  suspect so let’s get going.  How does the freelance investigator select his witnesses to surreptitiously investigate?

The Accidental Investigator

People who complain a lot are good subjects to clandetinely interview.  When John Herriott began complaining about me and falsely stating that there was a restraining order against me, I needed to find out why.

Gay Child Sex Trafficking

In 2014  John Herriott and Rick Boehle wanted to conduct gay leather fetish workshops for twelve year old boys.  I vetoed the idea.  They wanted to present “non-sexual” leather workshops for children at the California Men Enjoying Naturism events at Camp Shalom.  Every Labor day five hundred naked homosexual men cavort for two weeks in wild sexual abandon at an isolated summer camp facility in the foothills of Malibu, California.  I did a very basic Google search of just the name “John Herriott”.  His Megan’s Law registration for kidnapping and raping a nine year-old Mexican boy was the third listing came up on page one.

John’s misrepresentations about restraining orders against me were subterfuge to prevent me from exposing his child trafficking leather workshops. As a newly motivated investigator I researched his domain registrations. I discovered that he is using his fake youth league baseball uniform business to engage in international child sex trafficking.

Investigating Government Corruption

While researching government corruption in Palm Springs I was reading a Desert Sun interview with Palm Springs Councilman J.R. Roberts.  I realized that he was probably not who he said he was.

In his interview J.R. was trying to explain his spectacular floor to ceiling windows at his historic Egris House.  Mr. Roberts was trying to explain the difference between bearing and non-bearing walls.  Roberts was inarticulate and spoke like a layman.  J.R. didn’t have the correct architectural terminology or sentence structure to be an educated person, much less a licensed architect .  I said to myself, “This glib character cannot be a real architect.” 

It took less than a minute to look  J.R. Roberts name up on the California Board of Architects website.  I did a little more research to discover that he is a fraud and called him out on it in an email.  He asked me what my “agenda” was.  I think he tried to buy me off. I told him that I was a citizen investigator and that my agenda was to tell people that there isn’t really any such thing as gay or straight.

The Secret to Life is That God Only Exists Within Your Own Consciousness

All of existence is made up of God Consciousness to the extent that you can realize it.  The secret to life is to forgive your enemies. Give your alms in secret. Don’t wear special religious garments or pray in public. Meditate upon your oneness with God.  “I and the Father are One”. The secret is to realize the experience of being God. Not a symbol, representation or likeness of God.  You and everything else is God.