Complaints About Palm Springs

Citizen complaints led to the investigation and arrest of developer John Wessman for public corruption and bribery. More people need to speak up about criminal conduct in the desert. Homosexuals are in a constant grind to force their inherent disorder upon the system. The only reason I ever lived in Palm Springs was the same as everyone else: Cheap rent. Cheap houses. Cheap dirt. Dirt cheap.

One of the most valid complaints about Palm Springs is the fact that gay business operators like to make up their own rules about what is and what is not appropriate behavior. Gay people just make shit up and see who will start buying it. Homosexuals lie to their own friends by promoting year-round living in the desert. Gay movie stars like Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter only went to Palm Springs in Winter just like well heeled straight people did. The desert is not suitable for full time year round living because it is dangerously hot in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Don’t move to the desert and buy a house just because a gay person tells you: It’s the cool thing to do.”

Complaints About Unhealthy Conditions

The desert is simply unhealthy to live in during the Summer so just don’t do it. For six months of the year the heat sucks the life out of you and makes you nauseous. I am astounded that young gay and lesbian couples from out-of-state move to Cathedral City in tourist season without having ever been in the desert in Summer. Buying a house in the desert is a big mistake. You are shortening your life and stunting your opportunities. For God’s sake do yourself a favor and rent for a year so you can get sick of the desert and move to the beach with me. 

Incompetence Complaints

Other valid complaints concern the negligence and incompetence of the Palm Springs Police Department for killing an unarmed United States Marine. I also have some complaints that the PSPD like to waltz into their assasinations and then call themselves heros. I say shoot the bad guys with the guns before the shooter kills the cops. A hero saves lives, a zero dies while the shooter thrives on three hots and a cot.

Corruption Complaints

The disease filled desert is run by gay criminals like JR Roberts and Jim Casey.  Living in a degenerative 60% homosexual town is just not emotionally healthy. It gets criminally boring. The gay sex resort bathhouses are crowded, run down and unhealthy. No cool gay people move to the desert anymore, they buy condos in Ft. Lauderdale because the high life is lived on the water.