Palm Springs Crime

The city government of Palm Springs, California is one big crime upon the people. The Palm Springs Police Department let Jeffrey Cowan Goldhammer get away with stealing my personal possessions.  The Palm Springs Crime Club is a rip-off of the Indian Nations, Pilgrims Progress and the hapless tourist.   Two years ago Measure J was passed which increased sales tax by one cent and in the upcoming election Measure D will be voted on to further increase the sales tax in Palm Springs by another one cent. The taxpayer does not receive the same social amenities in the desert compared to living at the beach. The desert is one big con job for third rate developers on their way to prison with former PS Mayor Pougnet and his reptile associates at Wessman, Inc.

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The desert his always been a preferred destination for snake-oil salesman, flim flam men and outlaws. How the hell do think a deviant such as myself ended up down there?  

Crime in the city

Former PS mayor and councilperson Steve Pougnet just lost another pre-trial decision on October 6 when the court ruled that the bribery charges are not too old and will be tried before jury.   Palm Springs  is a construction zone and a crime zone. Palm Springs is one great big construction zone of criminal enterprise these days. 

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Legally Monetizing Other People’s Crime

The only thing left to do is to monetize the criminals by writing about gay Palm Springs con men in this blog.   I attempted to do that by writing about JR Roberts and the city government of Palm Springs.   I attempted to monetize gay crime in Palm Springs by writing about registered child sex offender John Herriot and his associates in CMEN.  This blog is now a resume of my investigation techniques related to Herriot and gay child sex trafficking.  

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Now that I have left the desert it is unlikely that I will continue my human trafficking investigation.  The purpose of this article is to say goodbye to the crime known as Palm Springs.   This is also a great big cosmic goodbye to the whole sexual alternative lifestyle aspect of my life. Now I am chaste again, as is one of my usual and customary patterns.  My love faith and devotion are in God and cleanliness. This new cleanliness is so big it will be addressed in minute detail in future blogs. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.