Third Rate Carpetbaggers With No Skin in the Game

Palm Springs Election 2017

The self-perpetuating corruption machine known as the Palm Springs City Council must be completely replaced in upcoming Election 2017 by leaders who are either professional urban planners or members of the State Bar. PS needs council members with no gay or sanctuary agenda. Municipal government has no real jurisdiction over civil rights or immigration issues. The people of Palm Springs must wake up to the fact that they are being ripped-off and lied to by corrupt gay politicians and law breaking real estate developers.

jr roberts shirtless
Who the fuck is JR Roberts and what the hell is he doing in my desert?

Palm Springs needs council members who have experienced high volume legal practice on a daily basis at a large or medium sized law firm.  PS is in big legal trouble right now.  If you don’t understand the basics of city and urban planning, budgeting, legal compliance, and other detailed aspects of municipal government then you have no business being on the Election 2017 ballot for Palm Springs city council.

This means that if you are registered to vote in PS Election 2017 you should vote for Judy Deertrack and Christy Holstege because as active members of the California State Bar they are held to a higher standard of accountability then a non-lawyer would be held to.

If you intend to use this city Council to promote your own private personal business interests as current Councilperson JR Roberts is doing then you have no business on the Palm Springs city Council. JR Roberts has no skin in the game. JR Roberts has no credentials. JR Roberts is a third rate carpet bagger whose intentions are questionable.  JR Roberts has nothing invested in Palm Springs except his real estate legacy. 

corrupt developer wessman in court
Just march this motherfucker Wessman all the way into a run down sweltering prison cell in the desert.

If you intend to promote social justice, sanctuary city status, or other federal and civil rights issues then you have no place on the Palm Springs city Council.   If your intention is to be in election 2017 in order to promote gay rights or any other trendy social issues then it is not appropriate for you to be on the Palm Springs city Council at this time. Counselperson Jeff Kors is out of his jurisdiction with his gay sanctuary agenda  

palm springs city council corruption
Mayor Moon has been neutered by “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” political correctness.

Palm springs has serious problems with the fraud, conspiracy and corruption trial of former mayor Steve Pougnet  and his criminal associates John Wessman and Richard Meany.  Current Council  members Jeff Kors, JR Roberts and Mayor Rober Moon have refused to acknowledge that there is any culpability of the former Palm Springs City Council connected with the current corruption trial.  JR Roberts, Keff Kors and Rob Moon are ignoring the white elephant in the room just like gay men ignore anything and everything that does not conform to their little private agenda.

unlicensed gay architect jr

The downtrodden citizens of PS deserve better than their current crop of carpet bagging fraudsters such as JR Roberts with his fake UCLA credentials. The people of America deserve better than this.  I deserve and insist on a better life for myself than the gay shit dished out by Roberts, Kors and Moon and so I left that fucked-up gay desert and am blogging this from my new home on the beach in Playa del Rey, CA 90293!