Fun House of Horror

Gay Resort Con Job

Palm Springs is one big open air gay bath house.  Call homosexuality what it is: fast, totally gratifying ejaculation between men. Don’t try to make a simple sexual deviation into a mainstream commodity. Don’t be brainwashed into believing that wearing black and acting gay is “cool”. If you want to have totally satisfying gay sex, fine, but don’t try and claim that a shitty little toilet like All Worlds is a real resort because it is not. Palm Springs Gay Pride Weekend November 3-5, 2017 is a crass commercialization of homosexuality.

Gay resort rip off

All Worlds Rip Off

All Worlds gay nudist resort in Palm Springs added an annex with more rooms, eliminated the steam room, and the jacuzzi temperature is set on low.  The entire desert is set on R for “rip off”.  Long time guests are complaining. 

Rip off

$117 Gay Pride Three Day Resort Pass

On Friday Nov. 3, 2017 I paid $117 for a three day 24/7 day/night pass at All Worlds Resort in Palm Springs. I erroneously assumed that the gleaming new exterior of this refurbished establishment would reflect a high quality homosexual resort experience. I am extremely disappointed in the value I received from All Worlds. I am rather dissapointed in the quality of life I have received from gay life in general. All Worlds has become another sleazy fun house bath house just like Cathedral City Boys Club.

Gay sex ps

There is only one shower and one toilet in the common areas for the entire resort at AW. That is just plain unhealthy and a breeding ground for Hepatitis A. The jacuzzis are filthy and so are the walkways. Palm Springs is a mental and physical health hazard. All Worlds is a breeding ground for disease.  


What Did I Ever See in Homosexuality?

When I was a kid I used to like to just lay back and let boys and men suck my cock. I was narcissist and not big on sexually reciprocating. My Latin body is a gay magnet. Gay was always more of a part-time hobby with me. Gay for pay is more my style.  Now at the gay resorts I just masturbate with abandon.  I really just enjoy running around the desert naked and Palm Springs gay nudist resort bath houses like CCBC and All Worlds are inexpensive week end getaways from Los Angeles. Now that my life is full of God, sunlight and emotional health, gay bath house sexual promiscuity no longer provides gratification.

Fun house horror