Government Corruption

“Three Strikes” J.R. Roberts is out of control.  He spits on women, harasses them over parking spots and lies about being an architect.  How much more of this government corruption will the people of Palm Springs take?  How much more can they take?

Government Corruption

Palm Springs, California | City Councilman John Reuben Roberts is Nowhere Close to Being an Architect

In Palm Springs the government corruption is out in the open with serial offenders.  Palm Springs City Councilman J.R. Roberts is not an architect as represented on his official City of Palm Springs biographical information.  Mr. Roberts has not provided this website with any verification of any attendance whatsoever at UCLA.  The City of Palm Springs is in enormous legal and financial trouble due to the government corruption of Palm Springs City Councilman J.R. Roberts, Ex-Councilman Steve Pougnet and real estate developer John Wessman.

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Palm Springs City Councilman J.R. Roberts – The Desert Sun…jr-roberts…/84028840/

May 6, 2016 – For more than 15 years, J.R. Roberts has been a fixture at the crossroads leading to Palm Springs’ future. An architect by trade, he was an early participant in efforts to promote and preserve the community’s trove of mid-century modern architecture through the Palm Springs Modern Committee and …

Why JR Roberts? | Investigation is My Passion

One day while reading an interview with JR Roberts in The Desert Sun, I said to myself, this guy JR doesn’t sound like an architect. So I looked up JR’s non-existent architect license with the State of California and then wrote a few posts about his career as an unlicensed gay designer/architect.  I have probably written over twenty posts on JR Roberts on this website. I just did some basic investigating and got lucky with this little scoop of slime from the cesspool of government corruption in Palm Springs, California.

Sausalito politics is known for being rough and tumble

In 2000, then Sausalito Vice Mayor J.R. Roberts spat on a woman after yelling obscenities at her. Roberts acknowledged he did spit at the woman and he publicly apologized for his behavior. Roberts wasn’t charged, but was required to attend a citation hearing to discuss the law he was accused of violating. Roberts had to agree not to engage in similar conduct in the future.

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jr roberts posing as architect

JR Should be Prosecuted as a PS Civics Lesson

JR Roberts must still be prosecuted for government corruption even though I kind of relate to him as a fellow desert snake oil salesman who is into intimacy with other men. An elected public official must be held to a high ethical standard even if he is good looking in a masculine way. The City of Palm Springs is sorely lacking in ethics when it comes to elected public officials. I just don’t want anyone to think that I am exposing JR Roberts because he self-identifies as homosexual. I am exposing JR Roberts because he is a corrupt politician who is putting public safety at risk with his architectural misrepresentations. The City of PS is falling apart because of wrongdoing by elected officials such as ex-councilman/mayor Pougnet and his cronies, currently on trial for bribery, public corruption and perjury.  

Meat the Mayor of Little Sausage, California

Palm Springs Architects – The View Masters, Two Palm Springs …
Jan 29, 2007 – The owners/architects, John Boccardo and J.R. Roberts of Boccardo Roberts Architecture and Design in Sausalito, also own the nearby Edris …
Gay is Inherently Disordered

There is no such thing as gay or straight, Sikh or Christian, good or evil.  You make a trap, cover it with grass, make it look real good. But who do you catch? You catch yourself in the lie called your life as a snake oil salesman, fake gay architect, Kundalini Guru Singh, whatever.  Your entire little life is one great big lie. How do I know?  Because I have lived that lie more fully and deeply than JR Roberts, Guru Wuwu or anyone else.  Gay/Straight, Sikh/Christian, Good/Evil, are simple tools of binary self-hypnosis available to trap ourselves into comforting belief systems and validate our precious little emotions.