Palm Springs Police Department Needs You

Your help is needed by Detective Castillo of the incompetent PSPD.  Child sex trafficking is out of control in the desert due to non-compliance of vacation addresses by John Herriot and his associates.  Therefore this website has declared October 31, 2018 to be child investigation night at 29613 Calle Tampico in Cathedral City, California.  Castillo had the nerve to call me up regarding an at my PO Box in the wastland of Vista Chino.  Mr. Castillo is under the mistaken impression that he can threaten journalists investigating crime in the desert.  Journalists and bloggers must commit to continuing their work in the fast of dictators and petty tyrants like Castillo.  This website is not afraid of the Palm Springs Police Department. I don’t go to PS because I am done with the desert, not because I am afraid of Castillo.  Castillo was investigating a 2017 incident at the postal annex.  Now I regret that I didn’t just haul off and smack that kid for being a smart-ass desert outlaw.  It’s okay because it’s Halloween and I’m bitch slapping Castillo right now with this blog. 

Why Can’t PSPD Prosecute Child Trafficking?

It’s the paperwork.  The tremendous volume of paperwork involved in the mandatory reporting and investigating of child sex crimes prohibits deploying police resources to interrogate Mr. Cowan.  Therefore this blog is a open-deputization of unofficial citizen volunteer investigators.  There is no paperwork required to go and knock a suspects door on October 31st.  Therefore October 31st has been unofficially declared a “free investigation” day.  

October 15, 2018 UPDATE | Rick Dalwigk apparently no longer lives on Mesquite.  CMEN Member Rick Dalwigk is making misrepresentations to the Palm Springs Police Department that there is some type of multi-jurisdictional Hague Convention universal conduct verbally issued personal restraining court order limiting the civil rights of Dean McAdams.  This is not true. Now CMEN and the John Herriot conspiracy concealing child trafficking think all they have to do is threaten people with blackmail or call the police to effect immediate incarceration of anyone they disagree with. This is not true. There is no restraining order of any type issued by Charlie Kenyon, CMEN or the DiMino Crime Family. This investigation has recently discovered what is believed to be the boy lover club chatroom. Dangerous child abducting pedophiles and human traffickers pose a serious threat to the community. John Herriot, Rick Boehle, Charles Kenyon, Jeff Calvert, Esq. and other CMEN need to be investigated on Halloween.

csi cat city ca

Anything Rich Dalwigk says about Dean McAdams regarding the court orders, the PSPD or CMEN should be sent to this website for research and approval before accepting as fact for community dissemination. Dalwigk works for the Palm Springs International Film Festival, which is currently under investigation by the FBI for public corruption related to Steve Pougnet, the former gay mayor of Palm Springs.  Brad Pitt (who has been cleared of malicious child abuse rumors) addressed the Palm Springs International Film Festival recently. I feel like a sucker spending my disposable entertainment dollars in the great big land swindle known as “Pimp Springs.” 

Lying to the Cops is Bad for the Community

Investigating malicious rumors takes time away from real child abuse investigations. CMEN in Palm Springs may be using the Megan’s Law website as a shield to protect Herriot’s relationship with Rick Boehle and the boy lover club. Distracting the cops with lies about non-existent court restraining orders will not deflect attention away from your illegal activities. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. If you traffic in androgynous young Mexican boys, I will find you.

palm springs police department

The Palm Springs Police Department Have An Important Job to Do

Don’t just think you can call PSPD to cover up the child sex trafficking of John Herriot, CMEN, and yet to be discovered pedophile predators.  Anyone who has anything trivial to say to the police should call the main business telephone number.  If you have a real crime to report, then just immediately dial 911. But don’t lie. Don’t threaten to dial 911, just do it. If you actually have a restraining order, then tell the cops such.  If PSPD wants you to call the police regarding vicious rumors they will advise you of such.

Don’t just threaten to call the police just because Rich Dalwigk did. (I hate that fucking name . . . I can never remember how to spell it and I always have to look it up).  Don’t threaten to call the police, if you need the cops, then dial 911. But always remember, it is wrong to lie to a uniformed law enforcement officer wearing a badge.  Don’t ever lie to the police.

If you lie to the Palm Springs Police Department you obstruct justice. Obstruction of justice is a serious offense while the FBI has the entire California desert under investigation.  You also disturb the peace and really piss me off by lying to everyone.  

The DOJ is looking for lawbreakers in this crime infested desert and I aim to help them. If Rich Dalwigk, CMEN or my neighbors need anything negative to say about me, just let me know and I’ll give them some truth to talk about: Dean McAdams has been smoking Camel straights.  There, now the good citizens have something legitimate to cluck their tongues and wag their heads about.  Just don’t lie to the Palm Springs Police Department about anything related to the human sex trafficking of male children by John Herriot. I haven’t called the cops on Rick Boehle because I won’t be whining to a busy 911 emergency dispatch operator.  While Herriot and his pedophile child abductors are raping and murdering your children, I’ll be pounding on the cockpit door with a box cutter screaming: Everybody smokes in hell you cowardly kidnappers!  Now, who the hell is next on my CMEN amber alert hit list?

29613 calle tampico cathedral city ca calle tampico, jeffrey cowan cpa