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Palm Springs Real Estate Agent Turned Mayor

Remember Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono from Detroit, Michigan? Sonny became mayor in order to change zoning laws restricting the size of his restaurant’s sign. Sonny also outlawed college girls in thong bikinis in PS. Sonny turned his back on the gays and the environmentalists. Sonny No Show was killed by a tree while skiing out of bounds.  Sonny sort of set the stage for Palm Springs real estate agent Pougnet, soon to be the first PS Mayor to go to prison.

Disgraced PS Mayor Steve Pougnet is also from Michigan.  Pougnet built his empire by selling fraudulent Palm Springs real estate.  Now Pougnet is hiding out with his family in Colorado. Pougnet has destroyed Palm Springs. Pougnet makes gays look bad. Steve Pougnet is the photogenic poster boy for gay criminals in our country. Our great country. 

Palm Springs little league baseball salesman and child sex predator John Herriot is registered on Megan’s law as living in West Hollywood. Mr. Herriot also maintains a residence in the state of Colorado. Perhaps there is some connection between Herriot and Pougnet.  Herriot makes gays look bad. However Herriot is not photogenic. Herriot is running around out of bounds with his dick hanging out. John Herriot and Rick Boehle are roaming far and wide in search of thirteen year old Mexican boys to sell on the Internet to their pedophile network.

When the Whole World is Gay, the Gay Resort Town Becomes Unnecessary

Gay marriage and the Internet have rendered the gay section of town as irrelevant if not redundant.  At one time the gay bar was where it was all happening. Now gay bars are often just target zones for criminals. Why stand out with a bull’s eye on your head when you can be discreet? It is dangerous to run around town telling too much truth about yourself. Why be totally honest about your private personal life when many gay people are living secret criminal lives?  

Palm Springs Real Estate Town Hall

Why go to a town hall meeting with a bunch of carpetbaggers like Jeff Kors trying to rip off a piece of the pie for himself? Instead of cleaning up the half-completed construction in downtown Palm Springs, this glad handing politician is selling whatever people are buying in the moment.  

Hollywoodland Real Estate 

Maybe there will be a riot in Hollywood at the Oscars.  Hollywood is the model for the Palm Springs real estate scam.  Entertainers benefit from promoting fraudulent Palm Springs real estate by pumping up the price of huge haciendas.  Thanks to Pougnet Palm Springs real estate is in for a downward spiral. Only a sucker would buy a house in this desert.