Smooth Reptile Liberating the Desert

During my morning walk today, I intentionally trespassed upon a fenced vacant lot privately owned by reptile developer John Wessman. Wessman was born seventy five years ago to a family of immigrants homesteading in Hemet, California. Now Wessman owns all of the commercially desirable land in Palm Springs and has bragged publicly that he makes more money keeping his desirable property vacant than he does developing it. Wessman accomplishes this by using bribery and corruption. Wessman is receiving $43 million in public funds in Palm Springs and another $80,000 in Memphis, Tennessee. A smooth reptile eating cat is stalking the desert for fat juicy predators to eat.

reptile eater

Reptile Brain

No photographs of Wessman or his vacant lots and stalled commercial construction will be posted on this blog because you can find them all over the Internet and they are ugly and depressing. The very name Wessman is a blight upon this already totally gay desert.  

gay desert trap

One of the purposes of this blog is to supply text for artwork depicting the correlation between the reptile brain and the prostate gland. Therefore Wessman and his reptile conspirators Steve Pougnet, Richard Meaney and the Palm Springs International Film Society are merely employed for their value to criminal investigators searching for clues. From real estate fraud to child human trafficking, the desert has it all. 

Sacred Space

The prostate gland is to man what the uterus is to woman, sacred space. Although humans mainly use these ancient glands for procreation, by cultivating sexual awareness, primitive reptile instinct can be transformed into sacred sexuality. The womb and the prostate are ritual sacred spaces for the initiated. Basic instinct or higher consciousness, the choice is yours. Lizard brain or God brain?

sacred space

Pure feminine energy is oceanic, unformed and free flowing. Pure masculine energy is one directional, pointed and forceful. The man’s job is to give direction to a woman’s energy. One partner must be more dominant that the other to create perfect and balanced union of opposites. 

Yogi Brain

Within myself, I have been force to learn how to balance my feminine flavored emotions with more masculine confidence. Constantly evolving, I am now finally at peace with myself. 

masculine femininesacred reptile

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.