THE MYSTICAL UPSIDE DOWN TREE: Essense of All Occult Truth and Secret Knowledge

Kundalini Tantra

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

SUMMARY | Chapter 3 | Kundalini Physiology and The Mystical Tree

The Kundalini or creative sense of awareness, does not belong to the physical body, though it is connected to it. Nor can it be discovered in the mental body or even the astral body. Its abode is actually in the causal body, where the concepts of time, space and object are completely lost.

sahasrara crown lotus

Use Your Illusion

How and where is the concept of kundalini related to the supreme consciousness? The serpent power is considered to arise from the unconscious state in muladhara. This unconscious awareness of man then has to pass through the different chakras and becomes one with the cosmic awareness in the highest realm of existence. The supreme awareness or Shiva is considered to be seated in sahasrara, the super conscious or transcendental body represented by a thousand petal lotus opening at the crown of the head.  This womb of consciousness corresponds to the pituitary body, the master gland situated within the brain. 

causal body

The Mystical Tree as Paradoxical Symbol of the Human Body

In the 15th Chapter of the book Bhagavad Gita there is a description of the imperishable tree which has its roots at the top and its trunk and branches below, growing downwards. He who knows this tree knows the truth. This tree is existing in the structure and function of the human body and nervous system. One must know and climb this paradoxical tree to arrive at the truth. It can be  understood in this way: the thoughts, the emotions, that distractions and so on are only the leaves of this tree whose roots are the brain itself and whose trunk is the human spinal column. It is said that one has to climb this tree from the top to the bottom if he wishes to cut the roots.

occult truth secret knowledge

The Essence of All Occult Truth and Secret Knowledge

This tree seems to be completely topsy-turvy, yet it contains the essence of all occult truth and secret knowledge. It cannot be understood intellectually, but only through progressive spiritual awakening, for spiritual understanding always dawns in a way which is paradoxical and irrational to the faculty of the intellect. This same tree is called the ‘Tree of Life’ in the Kabbalah and the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ in the Bible. It’s understanding forms the basis of both Christian and Judaic religious traditions, but unfortunately it has been completely misunderstood by and large, for a very long time.

Kundalini Really Begins Its’ Rising in Your Brain

So it is that everybody who is trying to move from muladhara to swadhisthana is climbing to the root every time, and the root is at the top, the brain, the sahasrara. Muladhara is not the root center at all. So if you are moving from swadhisthana to sahasrara or from manipura to sahasrara, then you are climbing the root, which is at the top.  

kundalini tantra

tree body metaphor

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