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Paralegal Assistant


A paralegal assistant sometimes works for CEO’s or general counsels of large corporations. Or a paralegal assistant could be a one man business working for sole practitioners and small law firms. The best legal assistants are versatile members of support staff who are versatile in who they work for at any given time. Great paralegals know that there are at least three sentences in a paragraph and how to elegantly organize information on the written page. 

Today’s definition of legal success means creating fresh exciting content that will inform and engage readers looking to retain competent legal counsel. Starting out a business career as a paralegal assistant is an exciting way to use a new college degree and advanced technology skills to get paid to learn how to think like an attorney. An attorney and his paralegal assistant are advanced problem solvers. The best paralegals know how to market themselves as economical legal problem solvers by writing legal articles and publishing them on the Internet. If may sound glib or trite, however every thing on the Internet is technically “published.” You are reading a published article on paralegal assistants in Los Angeles. 


Paralegal Assistant Problem Solvers


A good paralegal assistant can turn liabilities into assets. If your litigation budget is limited they you can use a paralegal to produce the greatest amount of quality legal work product for your investment. Have your paralegal research the problem and write a legal brief. Legal research is often the first thing that gets skimped out on in litigation. Don’t let lack of research be your weak link. Paralegals were invented to perform the time intensive task of good solid legal research. You may not even know exactly what your problem is until you have a legal assistant or first year associate attorney perform a few hours or days of thorough legal research.



Paralegal Assistant Writers


A great paralegal assistant can turn liabilities into work product and sharper skills. Last year I worked in some extremely demanding contract litigation paralegal assistant assignments. Paralegal jobs are usually demanding however this was a particularly difficult period from a State of California Business and Professions Code standpoint. However I was able to take my stress energy overload and transform it into writing articles on the Internet.

From here on out I am no longer using the word blog. I am substituting the word article for blog. WordPress calls them articles and so I am also calling them articles. I am conforming my writing to the WordPress concepts of pages, articles, categories and tags (topics). As a result this new website is indexing much faster and better than the old and other versions. 


By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.