Paralegal Help With Questions About Discovery and Special Interrogatories

Paralegal Help With Questions
Paralegal Help With Legal Questions


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The last time a client called me and said he needed paralegal help with questions, what he meant was he needed paralegal help with interrogatories served on him in a divorce lawsuit. The client was joined into the lawsuit because he held title to real property with a party in the divorce petition. The client called and said he needed help with legal questions. What he meant was he needed help with special interrogatories. Special interrogatories are legal questions served in a lawsuit. Interrogatories are the special legal pleading format used to serve questions upon a party in a lawsuit.


Paralegal Help With Questions 


Just as the questions are placed into a special legal pleading format when they are served upon you the special interrogatories need to be in a special legal pleading format when the answers are served upon the other side.


Paralegal Help for Lawyers With Late Discovery


What does an attorney do when discovery is late on extension? As a litigation paralegal help with questions provider I would suggest making your objections and serving the discovery as soon as possible. Make the opposition party make the argument that objections have been waived for failure to timely serve the discovery. As long as the discovery has been served with the proper verification forms it will be difficult obtain a court order stating that the late objections have been waived by responding party.


Paralegal Help With Discovery


The important procedure is to just get the discovery served. I have seen litigation paralegals waste more time with getting extensions than responding to the discovery. It takes a lot of time writing extension letters, checking with the supervising attorney’s calender, reading extension letters and the like.

Why are personal injury attorneys late requesting paralegal help with late discovery? Poor planning and poor law office planning in general. A personal injury law office requires a lot of paralegal help with discovery. Even if your lawsuits settle you will still have to propound and respond to a modicum of discovery. The insurance company in-house law firms are adept at producing the required basic discovery packages. It takes a lot of paralegal help to run a small law firm. Even using contract litigation paralegal help you will need to budget properly for litigation support staff.


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