Parker Stanbury LLP Cease & Desist Consultation Letter As Legal Authority?

Convicted felon John Herriot is attempting to use a cease and desist letter written by attorney Marcus Bastida of Parker Stanbury LLP as legal authority prohibiting the investigation of his gay pedophile child sex trafficking operation disguised as a youth league baseball uniform business.  

Plaintiff Herriot currently has a two-month old default entered against defendant McAdams which is sitting unprosecuted in Riverside Superior Court Case No. PSC 1606 342.  In paragraph 10 of his First Amended Complaint plaintiff Herriot attempts to cite the November 15, 2016 letter from Parker Stanbury as some type of legal authority.

Paragraph 10 of John Herriot’s First Amended Complaint:

parker stanbury llp citation herriot complaint

The Parker Stanbury Letter Cited in Paragraph 10:

parker stanbury cease & desist letter

parker stanbury llp client herriotThe Problem

Plaintiff John Herriot must now prosecute a default judgment against McAdams or dismiss his case.  Either way Herriot has laid the legal liability to be sued for abuse of process.  A secondary problem is that Herriot has used Alvin Sherron and Parker Stanbury to abuse the legal process by filing documents and pleadings designed solely to harass a human trafficking investigation.  

Based upon the pattern of conduct evidenced by these actions, Plaintiff Herriot and/or his accountant Jeffrey Cowan may be planning other abusive and malicious court filings in Palm Springs.  Cowan has already attempted to use the Palm Springs Police Department to prevent investigation of Boy Lover Club pedophiles known to congregate in order to share child pornography in North Palm Springs.  What if Jeffrey Cowan starts waiving around the Parker Stanbury letter just like John Herriot is?  

jeffrey r cowanThe purpose of mentioning Alvin Sherron, Marcus Bastida and Parker Stanbury LLP in this blog is to save other attorneys a little bit of research time in case they are contacted by Jeffrey Cowan, CPA, with the intent of filing further abusive and harassing pleadings in either state or federal court.  Other law firms may mistakenly believe that Alvin Sherron’s citation of the Parker Stanbury cease and desist letter has some type of legally binding or restraining order against defendant. 

school teacher pedophileThere Is No Dean McAdams Restraining Order

Jeffrey Cowan’s continual dissemination of misrepresentations that there is some type of restraining order against defendant Dean McAdams in this matter are untrue.  Mr. Cowan has created a huge problem for himself and others with this harmful and destructive conduct.  Any Riverside County law enforcement officers and attorneys need to be advised of Mr. Cowan’s disreputable nature.  Anyone talking to Cowan for the first time can see he is some type of social deviant who needs to be restrained because he poses an unreasonable risk to the community.

The hand of digital law & media are coming down on Cowan, Herriot, Kenyon, Boehle, Calvert and all other CMEN who engage in the sexual trafficking of boys under the age of 14 years.  It’s going to be a long hot summer from now on . . .

digital police car