Pattern Your New Life In The Early Morning Birth of Consciousness

New Pattern For Living


Vincent Van Gogh was a tragic soul who drifted in and out of both society and mainstream religion. When he was twenty-three years old he simply willed himself to become a painter. Van Gogh had some early art training but his main strength was his passion which was unfortunately fueled by mental sickness. Modern art theorists now say that Van Gogh’s paintings reflect his frustration that his mental illness had on his productivity. Vince saw the pattern of his life and expressed it with oil paint waves that were always there but only he could see them. Vince would have loved to see this gif of his wavy patterns in “Starry Starry Night”.  You can do the same thing. See the patterns all around you. I do.

By meditating and creating with emotion we can create a new design for living. It’s really easy people do it all the time just like I am right now. Manifesting wisdom is the fruit of my desire. You are also finding wisdom by seeking connection to the divine order of the cosmos. The darkness is unveiled every morning when a star is born inside your warming human heart blood. The day is yours go out and get born and busy trying and dying just like I do. 

He not busy being born is busy dying.  -Bob Dylan

Walking through the five o’clock a.m. Coachella sprinkler mist the sunrise creates a new pattern for living. I set my intention on my desire for connection. The sunrise and shadows create new patterns that my hungry brain turns into the molecules of emotion. I see the unnameable symbol and spirit of God in nature. Out here in the desert we communicate directly with the cosmos. A yogi creates the pattern he wants and then vibrates the planet accordingly. 

It’s alright ma, I’m only dying.  pattern

-Bob Dylan 


Nature is the symbol of spirit.  

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Morning Brain Fertilizer 

The morning is when the brain is ready for new experiences leading to transcendence of the human situation. Walking through a Van Gogh energy field my brain reorganizes itself. Six years ago I had to live with someone to see the beauty of my life. I have created a life pattern of working and living with computers, God and nature. Now here I am in the resort town of Palm Springs creating a pattern of spiritual communion.

New Extraordinary Minister Pattern

This weekend I am off on an exciting spiritual adventure to Upland, California where I will be taking a course in becoming a Eucharistic Minister of the Catholic Church. Now that I have my own God I have been doing service work in the mainstream format. The gay cultural sedation has become too ingrained in me and now I am moving on. Gay is a cool resource for housing and financial assistance. Men having sex with men is fine and dandy however the whole Palm Springs commercial sex scene is pig to me now. Pig sex is for pigs and I don’t feel like being a little piggy boy anymore. I need a new divine order.

Eye Contact

It is amazing how much social gratification I can feel just by having a thirty year old woman flash the whites of her eyes at me. There are so many more women than men that the mathematician in me starts to get big ideas. I am back to my old pattern of socializing in the mainstream and keeping my advanced sexuality for private members only. Private members only.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.