How A Dirty Old Man Trains a Younger One

When semi-ambulatory 76 year-old Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN and I first hooked-up I used to ask myself, “How did this lecherous old man get an attractive and athletic lover fifteen years younger than he is?”  Dr. Allen isn’t rich, still works because he has to, and he rents a matchbox duplex underneath the flight path of LAX.  He has to take injections directly into his ten inch penis to get an erection anymore.  Once he uses ED drugs he can get a large balloon with strange coloring, but never a diamond cutter like my Palm Springs daddy Jackhammer Johnny Quinlan.   

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Digital Prostate Stimulation | Fake Anal Sex

Even with an artificial erection he can’t physically mount and fuck me with his huge cock so exactly how does an old semi-invalid degenerate get a young total bottom degenerate into bed?  Paul read my profile and then expertly used his finger to manipulate my prostate gland as a substitute for real anal sex.  Bait and switch.  Artificial inspiration.   Fake anal sex.  Paul courted and seduced me with his magic pussy doctor finger.  When our relationship was on the downward cycle he once said to me after he removed his finger from my bottom:  “Wow, that finger comes out and you just turn off the love.”  Dr. Paul McDuff Allen was the best daddy on Silverdaddies.  They just don’t make daddies like that any more and so I am going voluntarily celibate again.  Just call me volcel.  

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Making of a Volcel

The story of gay sexologist Paul Allen’s finger in my bottom is the story of my sexual healing and evolution.  This type of refined digital anal stimulation continues to this day as a celibate pansexual man in sex drenched Los Angeles, California.  Today I use my finger on myself like an expert. I have turned tantric anal masturbation into an art form thanks to my many teachers in the gay and bisexual community of Southern California.  I am not currently sexually active, I do it all myself these days.  I have become ambidextrous and extremely adept at fucking myself and I plan on getting better and better.   

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Stroke the prostate just like you stroke a penis

Dr. Paul Allen’s Anal Radiance

When we first met Paul told me about his Radical Aliveness Core Energetics thesis project on Anal Radiance.  The good doctor played brilliantly to my anal sexual needs. He made a lost of my sexual demands as a total bottom by reading my profile. 

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Notice the perineum is also being stroked at the same time as the prostate

Read My Own Profile

Paul Allen, MD and other men taught me a lot by reading my profile and then delivering the goods, exactly how I like it.  When I was really young a travel agent from Palm Springs made perfect love to my body and said:  “It was all in your classified listing in The Advocate.”   Having well written gay print and online sex site profiles has helped me to get exactly what I want in life.  Paul Allen read my Silverdaddies profile and used his finger to give me exactly what I wanted. 

Anal About Problem Solving

After we were together for a few years Paul stopped using his gynecological finger to gratify my prostate gland.  I used to beg him to just touch the outside, I wouldn’t make him penetrate me anymore.  But no, Paul the gynecologist now withheld the same exotic love that he used to get me into bed.  My gynecologist’s denial of his digital affection was a problem and so I solved it by using sex toys and then my own finger to stimulate my own prostate to perfection.  In fact, I have made an art form out of tantric anal masturbation, thanks in large part to Dr.. Paul Allen’s tutelage and hands-on mentoring.

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