Healing Male to Male Sexual Promiscuity

Cured of Man to Man Internet Promiscuity 

Paul Allen MD cured me of male to male sexual promiscuity by teaching me how to manipulate my own prostate gland. Anal masturbation is key to male homosexuality.  Sometimes the barbaric nature of male to male sexual promiscuity can be like an infectious emotional disease. There is an HBO documentary on the deviant art of bisexual photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in which a New York City construction worker remarks: “Those people have emotional problems.”  Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes my male to male sexual experiences are just adding one more emotional problem to my already full plate of problems. Better to self-stimulate my prostate during sacred tantric masturbation for safe, healthy and complete emotional sexual gratification.  

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Binging and Purging

Now that I am 61 years old my body’s immune system is naturally breaking down with age. I don’t want to get physical or mental germs. For the most part I have put gay life behind me. I never ever make the gay scene anymore and don’t use gay life for social gratification anymore. I have a great big hole in my life where the gay shit used to be. 

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Free Sex Therapy From a Real Doctor

This week I got lonely and logged on to the best gay website in the world for the first time in over a year. This week when I was lonely as I left the City of Los Angeles but I didn’t even stop by LAX to say goodbye to Paul Allen MD because he has cured me of my aberrated homosexuality and now I am living a chaste lifestyle. Therefore there would be no point in making a house call upon the good doctor because he would want to kiss me.  That’s what most men want to do to me, kiss me.  I am obsessed with the level of emotional awareness I reached under Dr. Allen’s private tutelage. I got free sexual healing therapy and training and all I had to do was kiss a decrepit old geezer.  Maybe I should do a lateral move and use the kissing and eye-gazing techniques he taught me on women.

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Steve A.

Last night I had my first guest over to my place for sexual intimacy in over a year and it did not go well, I did not enjoy myself with my old lover Steve A from  I haven’t been with Steve  in a few years. The last time I was with him at my apartment in Larchmont we had a great time together.  Last night I tried to rush him out the door at midnight and he called me on it.  I have never seen Steve drunk until last night.  He reminds me of my own alcoholic homosexual brokenness.  Broke back mountain. He was rambling on in his self-proclaimed gay victim hood. He was so gay and boring I felt sorry for him. Steve was rudely engaged in wet brained gay masturbatory self-talk while I was sitting next to him on my couch in my new apartment. I have been homeless for eight months and the first thing I do when I get a new place is invite a gay Mexican over to get drunk while I bristle in my recovery from alcoholism.

Contagious Gay Emotional Disease

Then I started feeling sorry for myself and my desperation. I started to become Steve because I am Steve. I started feeling so bad it was kind of dangerous. Someone like Steve could easily make me very emotionally ill. He did it last night. Last night I let another bisexual man make me emotionally and sexually ill. It was actually just what I needed. It is all on me. I need a new life. I need to heal myself of my own gay emotional talking disease. I am obsessed with the exquisite gay sexual healing that I have received thus far from sexologist Paul Allen, MD.

Paul Allen MD 

Dr. Allen, Medical Detective, said he deactivated his Silverdaddies account because in his opinion there are guys on SD to find daddies!  I will get a laugh for the rest of my life hearing Paul Allen, MD opine that guys like me are on Silverdaddies to find a daddy!  That is exactly why I was on Silverdaddies. I was on Silverdaddies to find a daddy and I found the best daddy on the website, a highly accomplished professional in the form of Paul Allen, OB/GYN.  When I met Dr. Allen I was living in my RV with my German shepherd. After Dr. Allen and I broke up he picked up a homeless heterosexual couple at the CVS on Sepulveda Blvd. and Manchester down the street from his rented duplex in Westchester LAX. Dr. Allen has four sons, he is the king of Silverdaddies!

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Finger Training

Seventy-six year old Paul Allen MD has serious mobility problems as he is physically incapable of mounting and fucking due to hip injuries. When we first met he digitally stimulated my prostate with his skilled surgeon’s fingers.  The good doctor healed me by teaching me how to make love to my own prostate gland. The trick is to just reach down with my hand and put my own finger or dildo up my anal canal.  Now I have a detailed spiritual emotional tantric anal masturbation ritual.  Paul Allen MD also taught me about shaving and other sexological bodywork topics. 

MEN’S EMOTIONAL HEALTH: The Higher Consciousness of Sacred Sexuality

SHAVING RITUAL | Paul Allen MD Introduces Me to Ken Gomes

My Dr. Paul Allen OB/GYN shaving ritual came after meeting nudist and designer Ken Gomes in Van Nuys, CA.  My shaving ritual is to keep my body clean and responsive. Dr. Allen gets off more on the act of shaving, like Ken Gomes and most shaving fetishist/role players are.  I just shave to make my body better, I don’t get off on the actual shaving act. My ritual is more akin to the first century daily bathing followers of Christ consciousness. Cleanliness is Godliness.