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Sound of Meditation

Paul Raci facilitated the discovery of my ultimate mediation teacher.

In 2008 Paul Raci was one of the spiritual practitioner’s who led the Freedom Path Recovery Ministry at Agape in Culver City, California. One night while he was praying-in with the other licensed practitioners I perused his copy of “Infinite Supply” by Joel S. Goldsmith. This was such a profound moment in my spiritual journey that I stopped seeking. I found what I was looking for. From that day until this very afternoon, I have been listening to Goldsmith. Bro. Goldsmith is also one of the main reasons that I became a Freemason.

After reading and listening to Goldsmith, I found God and was therefore able to stop searching. After a few years, I even ceased attending the big Sunday show at Agape. From that point on I mainly attended Bro. John Drewery’s Joel S. Goldsmith tape ministry in Santa Monica. Now that Joel S. Goldsmith is on YouTube I don’t even need that splendid little group anymore. Good thing because shortly thereafter that group ceased to exist.

Now at age 72, Mr. Raci’s acting career is getting a well deserved big break for his role in The Sound of Metal.

The Sound of Metal

In this year’s Academy Awards The Sound of Metal has been nominated for best picture and Paul Raci has been nominated for best actor in a supporting role. He deserves it. The Sound of Metal has the same humanity as another excellent movie up for best picture, Nomadland.

Real Art

There should be more movies similar to these two authentic works of art. No sex, no violence. Just a lot of real human emotion. A lot of pain. Everybody is living in pain and these movies show how the outcasts of society deal honestly with their pain and work through it. The only way out of our pain is to go straight through that pain until you come out on the other side. Clean and sober. That’s the way we do it. Walk through the pain without the aid of pain killers. Then we explain how we did it in zoom meetings and movies. What a beautiful way to be of service to humanity.

Paul Raci and his beautiful family

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.