Paul Schneiderman
Defective & Dangerous Jacuzzi Investigation
27874 Valencia St.
Cathedral City, CA 92234
(760) 953-4555

Dear Mr. Paul Schneiderman:

This post is in response to Paul Schneiderman’s fraudulent emergency dispatch request to PSPD regarding the alleged abduction of Mr. Jeffrey Cowan, CPA. The PSPD have been informed that Mr. Cowan was en route to the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena when you reported this alleged kidnapping.  Therefore it has been requested that the PSPD interview you regarding your ongoing and continual interference with the investigation of your co-conspirators John Herriot, Rick Boehle, Jeff Calvert, Drew Sears, Tony Merker, Pablo Rivera and others.  Of particular concern is the egregious conduct of your tenant, Mr. Rodger Morris.

paul schneiderman

The Paul Schneiderman Defect

Please be advised that the Gay Tourists Bureau of Palm Springs has you under investigation for defrauding customers at your Bed and Breakfast located at 27874 Valencia Street, Cathedral City, CA 92234. It has been alleged that you have a defectively designed Jacuzzi at your premises which presents a clear and present danger to elderly homosexuals attending paid sex parties and massage events at your commercial establishment.  You are hereby requested to bring your CMEN gay nude pool parties into compliance with local Palm Springs city ordinances, applicable California State regulations and Federal Statutes. 

paul schneidrman new life for cruises

Private Investigation Fee

As a direct result of your inappropriate conduct you are hereby ordered to pay the sum of $2,500 to Mr. Jeffrey Cowan for costs incurred in preparing this Paul Schneiderman investigation.  Mr. Cowan may also be initiating legal action against you for other non-monetary damages.  Please be advised that you are being billed for all of your past transgressions and will receive those itemized statements at various future dates.

Defrauding Hotel Guest On Pride Weekend

In November of 2015 Paul Schneiderman created a rumor that there is a restraining order against Dean McAdams and denied him the room he had reserved and paid for at your bed and breakfast.  Mr. McAdams is informed and believes that you defrauded him in order to aid and abet convicted gay child molester John Karl Herriot.  As a direct result of your inappropriate conduct you are hereby ordered to pay the additional sum of $4,500 to Mr. Jeffrey Cowan for costs incurred and penalties levied for your misconduct.

Tony Merker

Mr. Anthony Merker’s representations to the Palm Springs Police Department are provocative and dangerous.  Your association with Mr. Merker and his partner Pablo Rivera may be construed as unlawful. Merker’s representations that he is “glad the PSPD brought the guns” may be interpreted as a willful threat.