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CREATING REALITY: Paying Attention is a Good Investment

We must deliver ourselves
With the help of our minds . . .
For one who has conquered the mind,
The mind is the best of friends;
But for the one who has failed to do so,
The mind will remain the greatest enemy.

yoga attentionAttention

Attention to mind over matter was the basis for my recovery and it truly involved will. I focused my attention on this force of mind to affect changes in the physical, mental and emotional realms. Something fundamental has changed inside of me. Literally and metaphorically, many people are crippled by something that prevents them from reaching the heights of their existence, something that keeps them from experiencing the freedom and exhilaration of a life unencumbered by fear or doubt. Where do you put your attention?

I have always been engaged in pushing myself, in improving myself, and I’d always been learning about and developing my potential of expanded mind and body. I am especially adept at getting the mind and body to work together in peak unison. I use people and circumstances to exert my willingness to change by exercising consistent awareness and self-will. I teach myself to grow the part of my identity that is related to positive thoughts, words and actions. I have freed myself from the chains of my self-imprisonment.

Window of ConsciousnessThe Nature of Miracles

When healings happened in antiquity, explanations were usually rooted in a culture’s religious beliefs. Miracle: “Effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is attributed to some supernatural cause.”

A miracle is something that happens outside of our normal perception. Once a society comprehends the causes, workings and effects of an event, it no longer gives that experience a supernatural context. We now know that thunder and lightning, earthquakes and floods are not an angry God, but rather natural events, a loving God!  Inability to explain an occurrence is usually due to our own lack of knowledge, individually and as a culture. Judy and KC cannot see that their isolation, financial lives and lack of education is a result of their own choices.

A person like me who pursues so-called miraculous experiences or results, exploring the ideas beyond society’s current beliefs, might reasonably consider acting counter to medical, social, or even religious conventions. People like me who hope for miraculous outcomes in my life often have to storm the fortress of conventional beliefs and risk being considered misguided, irrational, fanatic, or even insane. Right!

higher intelligenceInnate Higher Intelligence

A higher order of intelligence, divine, spiritual, or subconscious is my inner power that I can tap into. This greater mind keeps my heart beating and my evolving homosexual learning and gratification. This elevated consciousness is evidencing a will that is much greater than my will. The moment I die, my body will start to break down because this inner power has left.


A deeper mind permits us to believe whatever we want, to have likes and dislikes, to be allowing or judgmental. This intelligence knows how to maintain order among all of the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body because it created the body from two individual cells. Again, the power that made the body is the power that maintains and heals the body.

alcoholic insanityMy alcoholic insanity and career meandering signified that, to some extent, I had gotten out of touch or distanced myself from part of my connection with this higher order. My own self-destructive, negative thinking directed my higher intelligence toward mental illness and away from health. But now I come to understand that reconnecting to my higher inner intelligence and using my positive thoughts to direct my higher power, it has healed my mental illness and restored me to sanity. My higher power already knew how to take care of business, I only had to make contact with it.

The abilities of this innate intelligence, subconscious mind, or spiritual nature are far greater than any pill, therapy, or treatment, and it is only waiting for my permission to willfully act. I am riding on the back of a giant, and I’m getting a free ride. (Free Ride by Edgar Winter!)

attention thoughts

Thoughts Are Real

Pleasurable experiences release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which turn the brain and body on in anticipation of that experience and causes you to begin to feel excited. If you have angry or self-deprecating thoughts, the brain also produces chemicals called neuropeptides. Therefore, you begin to think the way you are feeling and this loop determines your state of being.

Attitudes: Groups of thoughts that are clustered in habitual sequences.

A person who wants to improve his mental health has to change entire patterns in how he thinks, and these new thought patterns or attitudes will eventually change his state of being. To do this he must break free of perpetual loops of detrimental thinking and feeling, feeling and thinking, and replace them with new, beneficial ones.

My unconscious attitudes are the basis for my state of being—for the person I have become and will become. To change my attitude I must pay constant attention to my thoughts. In particular, I must make a conscious effort to observe my automatic thought process, especially the harmful ones. My persistent, negative inner statements simply are not true. In other words, just because I have a thought does not necessarily mean that I have to believe that it is true.

Most thoughts are ideas that we make up and then come to believe. I choose to be free and to take control of my thinking. I interrupt habitual negative thought processes before they can produce painful chemical reactions in my body. I am determined to manage my thoughts and eliminate ways of thinking that do not serve me. Conscious thoughts, repeated often enough, become unconscious thinking.

Through contemplation and self-reflection, I can become aware of my unconscious scripts. Thoughts . . . matter.

feminine social practiceI Can Reinvent Myself

I have already reinvented myself, now I just have to finish off the job and go all the way.

Hebbian learning: nerve cells that fire together wire together.

I no longer have to exert major discipline to become the new character, I love mentally practicing who I want to become.

I Am Capable of Paying Attention So Well That I Lose Track of Relative Space and Time

You just have to make up your mind! I have made a decision to make The Rainbow Method New Character the most important thing in my life. This means breaking away from my customary schedules, social activities, television and so on. Had I continued to follow my habitual routines, I would have continued being the same person who had manifested illness.

As a pure consciousness maverick I have reinvented myself every day for the past three years, making it more important than anything else in my life, devoting every moment of my time to this effort. I have become a practiced observer of my old familiar thoughts. With this self-observation practice and experience, whenever I reverted to being my former self, I can detect this and interrupt that program. The more I practiced paying attention to my thoughts, the easier this process becomes, and the better I felt about my future. Feeling peaceful and calm, soothed by a sense of clarity, a new self emerged.

As I continue to mentally rehearse my new and improving self, I lose track of space and time. Nothing is real to me except my thoughts. As a highly evolved human being, I have the privilege of making my thoughts more real than anything else.

focused attention


To change the brain’s architecture we have to pay attention to the experience in a given moment. Passive stimulation of our brain circuits, without paying attention to the stimulus and without putting awareness on what is being processed, causes no internal changes in the brain. Attention is putting all of your awareness on whatever you are attending to, while ignoring all other information that might be available to your senses. You restrain your mind from acting or doing anything other than what you have set as an important intention. The better you are at paying attention to your internal mental imagery, the more you can rewire your brain and the easier it is to control other circuits in the brain that process familiar sensory stimulation.

When we experience something, our sensory pathways transmit enormous amounts of information to the brain regarding what we are seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling. In response, neurons in the brain organize themselves into networks of connections that reflect the experience. These neurons also release chemicals that trigger specific feelings. Every new occurrence produces a feeling, and our feelings help us remember an experience. Memory, then, is simply a process of maintaining new synaptic connections that we form via learning.

repetitive thoughts

Repetitive thoughts strengthen these neurological connections

The process of mental rehearsal—thinking over and over about doing something without physically involving the body—not only creates changes in the brain but also can modify the body. Plasticity is the in which the brain changes in response to every experience, every new thought, and every new thing we learn. Plasticity occurs at any age. Certain information and skills seem to be the ingredients for selectively changing the brain. Neurogenesis is the process whereby even adult brains generate new brain cells. Buddhist insight meditation may slow age-related thinning of the frontal cortex.

The mind is the brain in action, like creating the new idea of The Rainbow Method. In order for the mind to exist, the brain must be alive. The mind is the result of the brain coordinating thought impulses through its various regions and substructures. The brain facilitates the mind as an intricate data-processing system, so that we have the ability to gather, process, store, recall, and communicate information within seconds, as well as the capacity to forecast, hypothesize, respond, behave, plan and reason. The mind is not the brain; the mind is the product of the brain. The mind is what the brain does. The mind is the brain, animated.

gay spiritual lifestyle branding
Attention to Consciousness

Consciousness is what does the changing of the brain and the mind. The mind trained in the art & science of attention is physically different than the untrained mind. Consciousness focuses our attention. Consciousness it is the invisible life essence that animates the brain. It is the unseen aspect of self, both aware and unaware, both conscious and subconscious, using the brain to capture thoughts, and then coalescing them to create the mind.

The brain cannot change itself without the attention afforded by an operator. Consciousness is what inhabits and occupies this bio-computer called the brain. It is like the electrical current powering the operating system that runs a computer and all its programs. The brain has hardware systems built in and software systems that consciousness is routinely using and upgrading.

Consciousness enables us to think, and at the same time, to observe our thinking process. We typically think of consciousness as our awareness of self and out perception of the world around us. However we also have innate intelligence which resides equally in all things as it consistently gives life to us, moment by moment, without any need for our help. Innate intelligence facilitated through the physical brain is just an expression of universal intelligence in a body.


Subjective consciousness maintains our individual free will and enables us to express ourselves as a thinking self, with our own traits and characteristics. This is the “you” or the “self.”

Objective consciousness or the subconscious is the intelligent awareness within us that gives us life every day. This is a system of awareness separate from the conscious mind. It is subconscious, but it is incredibly intelligent and mindful. It is also separate from the thinking brain, but it operates via the other parts of the brain to keep our body in order. With objective consciousness running the show, the brain processes millions of automatic functions every second on a cellular level and an aggregate level as well, of which we are not consciously aware.

This objective intelligence knows so much more than what our personality self knows, even though we think we know it all. This is a universal, fundamental aspect of every human being. Few ever stop to acknowledge its power, will, and intelligence.

In fact, this aspect of consciousness is what gives life to all things. It is a real intelligence, with quantifiable energy or force that is innate to all things. It is objective and constant. It has been called Zero Point Field, the Source, and universal intelligence. It is the Source that collapses the quantum field into all physical form. Literally, it is the life force. Quantum physics is just beginning to measure this field of potentials.

The mind is our contact with the field that holds all of this together.  The neocortex is the seat of free will and the conscious thought center of the brain. The neocortex is the educated mind.

girl paying attentionConsciousness uses the brain to mindfully process learning and experiences into electrochemical thought processes called thoughts.

  • Objective consciousness is the life force, the Source and the Zero Point field. You and I are connected to that field, which affords us life through the midbrain, the cerebellum and the brainstem. This is the subconscious mind.
  • Subjective consciousness, situated in the Neocortex, is the explorer, the identity that learns and evolves its understandings for a greater expression of life. This is the conscious mind.

Once we understand how the brain works to create the mind, we can go beyond the comfortable boundaries of what we already know. When we can unite our conscious mind to that infinite mind with unlimited potential, we will have access to a world of new possibilities. Consciousness is the only element that makes sense of how we can change the brain and mind. It is that intangible aspect of our self that influences the brain to produce mind. The time that we are truly conscious, attentive, aware and present is when we change how the brain works, to create a new level of mind.

When we can use the conscious mind together with the subconscious mind, we will be able to modify our hardware and upgrade our operating systems. At that moment of merging consciousness, the brain can be rewired.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.