Mainstreaming Pedophilia

pedophile beliefs

How Do Pedophile Beliefs Become Mainstream Accepted Behavior?

When you attend a CMEN event your mind is being programmed by the infantile mind of a registered gay pedophile, to wit, Mr. John Karl Herriot of West Hollywood, California.  If you let John use your pool in your beautiful Chino Hills or San Diego home, John could be using you by engaging in pedophilia and then spending the night at your house.  Supporting CMEN is supporting the creation of pedophile beliefs. 

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Supporting CMEN Supports the Pedophile

When you pay money to attend California Men Enjoying Naturism gatherings you are supporting the mainstreaming of pedophilia.  Mr. Herriot’s nude parties are fun I will admit.  I miss running around naked in Malibu and Cathedral City but it is wrong to support Mr. Herriot”s enterprises.  John has money so let him buy his own pool party house.  Would you want your house used for a CMEN pool party that could get you thrown in federal prison for conspiring to distribute child pornography?  Distribution of kiddie porn is the catch-all bust for child offenders.  Anyone associated with Herriot has kiddie porn on their computers already.  The feds help Herriot put it there.  Then if the feds need to, they can always bust you for kiddie porn.  Catching Heriott in the act with the Mexican Boy Lover Club is much more difficult.  

pedophile beliefs
“Shalom” From Camp Shalom

Kenyon Says Heriott Inherited a Million Bucks

John and his siblings inherited money because both of John Herriot’s parents were stellar educators in Palo Alto.  His father started the computer department at Stanford.  Charlie Kenyon said that when John’s mother passed away in 2014 John inherited substantial wealth in the millions of dollars.  John puts on a big act like he is a pauper.  It was disgusting to meet with him at the French Market in 2014 when Rick Boehle was formulating his child leather workshops.  John dresses like a bum and pretends to be computer illiterate but it is all a big act to disguise his child sex trafficking youth baseball uniform business. 

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John Herriot and Jeff Calvert at the CMEN Fall Gathering in Malibu
Even Gay People Need to Exclude

By the grace of God John Herriot and Charlie Kenyon have fabricated a story that there is a non-existent restraining order against me.  I was divinely excluded from CMEN by a couple of broken gay men.  John was exposed because I finally got tired of Jeffrey Cowan insinuating that there is a restraining order.  John was pointing the finger at me and so I figured something had to be wrong with John because there is no restraining order.  There is nothing wrong with me, the problem is John Herriot.  John Herriot took a boy to Texas, had sex with him and abandoned the boy.  At his trial John got the maximum because he refused to tell the court where the boy was.  Supporting John Herriot is supporting child sex trafficking and the Mexican Boy Lover Club little league baseball uniform deception in Palm Springs. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.