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philadelphia pedophile restraining orderPedophile Restraining Order

A private citizen pedophile restraining order published on the Internet can be an effective tool to protect your neighborhood from child predators. The child sexual predator will have difficulty grooming children if his identity is known to the public. Save time and money by creating a do-it-yourself pedophile restraining order like these examples produced in the Microsoft Paint application that probably came with your laptop.

john herriott restraining orderCalifornia Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN)

All known members of the private bisexual men’s “naturist” club CMEN are hereby restrained from the production of educational programs designed to promote homosexuality and gay culture to boys under the age of 14 years.

Mr. Charles J. Kenyon, Jr. of Philadelphia and his CMEN partner John Herriot must surrender all Rick Boehle child pornography depicting gay leather fetish as educational programs.  Kenyon, Herriot are Boehle are hereby restrained from all sex travel to the Philippines and Thailand. Gay naturism events must be monitored for nudity compliance and no cross-dressing is permitted. 

pedophile restraining order jeff
This is not naturism, this is Jeff Calvert, Esq. in drag.

Pure Naturism

California pure naturism must be protected from the gay drag influence of CMEN.  CMEN represents that all events require mandatory nudity.  Herriot has asked non-pedophiles conducting workshops who refuse to totally disrobe to leave Camp Shalom.  To allow Drew Searing’s political influence to rebrand cross-dressing as nudity is a perversion of the nudist lifestyle.  CMEN should stop using naturism in its name and call itself: California Men Enjoying Drag (CMED)

drew searing as cher bono
Drew Searing must be stopped now before he starts promoting the Sonny Bono hypocrite lifestyle in Palm Springs


California Men Enjoying Drag

California Men Enjoying Drag is an experiential workshop in homosexual aberration. Demonstrations include hands on experience with golden showers and BDSM.  Attendees do not need to bring their own women’s clothing, whips or leather gear. Everything for practicing a sexually deviant way of life is provided.

pop culture deviance

Pure Naturism: Pure California naturism should not be infiltrated by fake gay social systems based upon fetish culture.  This is an attempt by Drew Searing to subtly program gay men to accept drag.  Having Drew shove his finger in my face is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. My divine calling is to stop the promotion of perversion by cross-dressers posing as naturists. 

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