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That Jurisdictional Problem

Pedophile Subterfuge

Pedophile subterfuge and subversiveness in general is emblematic of homosexuality. Being gay is about breaking all the rules, right?  It sure the hell is for me. But you have to know the rules in order to break them properly.  I have always maintained a “live and let live” attitude as I walk to and fro on this exciting planet. 

However now I feel like a bisexual amphibian waking up and jumping out of Paul Schneiderman’s defective gay Jacuzzi. Man to man sex is supremely gratifying but all this gay shit is getting to be a real pain in the ass. I feel like reclaiming my soul from the debauchery I once wholeheartedly endorsed. 

pedophile subterfuge threshold clubFor the first time in my life I am taking a really good hard look at the sordid details of gay life.  I have experimented in leather and other BDSM rituals and play scenes. From the totally dark play rooms of Bangkok to the gay nude beach at Pirate’s Cove, I have seen it all. The epicenter of the entire BDSM scene for gay, straight and people who don’t need those labels, can be found at the Threshold Club in North Hollywood. I used gay life, now I am putting it aside before it uses me. I’ll be in the closet with naked athletic masculine men who are only in it for the sex. Forget the artificial construct of the gay social scene. Gay pride and parades create a special class of persons. Isn’t self-identifying as gay sexist?

CMEN Fall Gatherings in Malibu are a good place to get a condensed version of homosexual ritual behavior. Rick Boehle was voted CMEN Mister Leather of 2015 and wants to tell your twelve year old son all about it. Sitting in the French Market in WeHo I vehemently opposed Mr. Boehle’s agenda item for leather instruction workshops for the Boy Lover Club. The purpose of this article is to thank Andy S. for being the only other voice courageous enough to stand up to Rick Boehle’s pedophile subterfuge. Now all I have to do is get Camp Shalom Malibu to see the pedophile subterfuge of Jeff Calvert, Esq. and the CMEN drag show. Badges? BADGES!?!  I don’t gotta show you no stinking badges!  Look, I’ll give you this nice blog instead . . . 

COLOR OF AUTHORITY PEDOPHILE SUBTERFUGE: Can you imagine how easy it would be to entice twelve year-old boys into a gay lifestyle of dressing up and pretending you are a cop? Personally I go for firemen, but there are also indians & construction workers in hard hats for a boy to choose from. Sometimes the gay scene looks like one big non-stop San Francisco Halloween parade.  Homosexuality is a big carnival of self-created and self-perpetuating behavioral models. It’s a lot of fun for pure sexual gratification but the gay scene gets really dark.  Leather costumes. Whips as toys. Worshipping the ritual self-bondage of flesh & ego. It’s okay kid, I’m wearing a badge . . .  

gay pedophile subterfuge leather lifestyle brand

Gay life is very enticing for boys experiencing that first testosterone rush of evolving sexuality. Locker room coaches and authority figures are in the perfect position to groom boys for gay sex. A kid at that age can be molded and formed into whatever an adult wants.  Pedophiles like Boehle, Herriot and Calvert are glib manipulators who know how convince kids to have sex with them.  Calvert is abusing his active membership in the State Bar to manipulate CMEN, Camp Shalom and the rest of the world.  

These perps are probably laughing to themselves at how easy it is to manipulate their friends just like they manipulate the children they abduct. John Herriot’s CMEN conspiracy is using pedophile subterfuge to operate a huge criminal enterprise in the vast and lawless California desert. Dressed up as cops, game show hosts and travel agents, they prey upon impoverished latino children. The purpose of this website is to investigate the complex homosexual pedophile network known as the Mexican Boy Lover Club.  No one expects the Spanish Inquisition . . . 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.