PEDO LOGO: Code & Symbol

Penetrating the mind of homosexual criminals means understanding secret pedophile symbols and images. Pedophiles obtain sexual, emotional and social gratification from pornographic pictures in much more complex ways than people who choose adult sex partners. Exchanging kiddie porn and secret symbols are how child sex traffickers identify and validate each other. Human communication is more effective when it is purely visual.

From prehistoric cave paintings to emoticons texted on a smartphone, people prefer pictures when they are communicating. The same theory is doubly true for online sexual predators. Pedophiles are sophisticated consumers of child pornography and also very visually oriented in other ways.

Secret pedophile symbols have evolved in the pederasts never ending quest to clandestinely identify each other. Undercover child sex trafficking investigators can establish contact with kiddie pimps by understanding these symbols. It is possible to find these symbols in both online chat rooms and social media as well as in real life by watching for jewelry and clothing bearing these symbols.

secret pedophile symbols

Creating Culture With Pedophile Symbols

In the same way that Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels used the swastika as a narcotic to create a fascist identity, pedophiles use these symbols to create self-identity. Personally I subscribe to the belief that sexual identity is self-identified. I choose what I choose and you choose what you chose as long as we chose consenting adult partners.

Gay men in the Mexican boylover club choose to fantasize about prepubescent and teenage boys. Secret pedophile symbols give the child molester a sense of power and identity like a swastika gave a nation an image to believe in. These symbols are often more prevalent during the month of April. April 25 is “Alice Day” in pedophilc culture in homage to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. .

Pedophiles socialize and validate each other in much the same way as athletic individuals wearing colorful gear who like to ride bicycles with their mates on the weekend. We become exactly like the people we spend the most time with.  

Pedophile Text Codes

pedophile symbols logos codes

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.