Are you looking for people to inspect?

Inspect the criminals hiding in plain sight

Right before the pandemic lock down I had lunch with a table of inspectors who were in need of someone to inspect. Are you a freelance inspector looking for fresh criminals to investigate? Devious criminals are all around us, hiding in plain sight. If you look around a little bit like I did, you can uncover pedophiles like John Herriot and his CMEN organization operating out in the open. All you need to do is look for clues. Herriot derives infantile gratification with his pedophile sublimation of semen into CMEN. Look for the clues of pedophile deception all around you.

Pedophile “Flute” Sublimation of John Zeretske

School teacher John Zeretzke, in an example of pedophile sublimation. The flute teacher visually recorded himself ejaculating into flutes that he donated to five girls at elementary schools in Los Angeles and Orange county. Zeretzke then photographed the girls blowing into the flutes in 2017. That’s how he sublimated his pedophile desires without actually engaging in pedophile sex. Mr. Zeretzke, 61, will now have 18 years in prison to re-engage his sublimated fantasies. A pedophile derives gratification just knowing that he has gratified his perverse sexual desire. Even though he knows he could die in prison, Zeretzke probably still inwardly smiles that he has achieved some measure of notoriety. Zeretzke will probably be immortalized in the clandestine world of child pornographers for his brazen activities.

Crime on Line – July 9, 2020: “A California music instructor who photographed five elementary school students using flutes he ejaculated into was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in prison.”

John Zeretzke teaching his method of student-constructed flutes

Pedophile Sublimation of John Herriot and CMEN

Pedophiles derive gratification from using others by photographing them engaged in juvenile sexual comedy at gay nudist summer camps. Convicted child sex offender Herriot does this with his CMEN summer camp in the California foothills this July 28 through August 2, 2020. Although the CMEN Facebook page indicates all gatherings will be happening this year, it is inconceivable that gay nudist summer camp events can take place this Summer 2020.

pedophile sublimation
PEDOPHILE SUBLIMATION: Genital Hospital Social Hour 2012, CMEN West Coast Gathering – Malibu, CA

By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.