Penis Growth

Every few weeks, when I look in the mirror, my dick is longer and fatter. My penis never swang back and forth in the pendulous manner with which it performs presently. My ass is laughing at my new big fat yoga dick!  

The more blogs I write about improving blood circulation with yoga breathing, the bigger my cock gets.

Penis growth

Breath of Fire

Practicing Kundalini breath of fire is opening up my entire being and transforming me. Nothing really knocks me off balance anymore. I don’t need a lot of sleep because my resting pulse rate is very low. I just have an incredible sense of well being. Plus my dick is getting huge! There has got to be some way I can make money off of this biological and spiritual miracle.

Penis blood growth

Diet, Exercise, Blogging

Eliminating sugar was really hard to do at first, I really felt my sugar withdrawal. Now two years later it is much easier to avoid sugar. My penis pipes are now clear of sugar carbon sludge. My skinny body feels electric springy elastic. Five years ago I told the restaurant manager at the Bay Club that work out shoes with toes made your dick bigger. Now here I am, living proof of that manifested intention.

Yoga made my dick bigger

Cruise Ship Coach

I wonder if I could give seminars on penis health aboard gay and straight cruise ships? This is my commitment to Google cruise ship sexual workshop seminars. What is penis growth is my authentic gift to the world? I just Googled and came up with sex coach. I really want to come more from a breathing coach perspective.

Penis growth chart

Penis Breathing Coach

Open up your blood vessels to open up your penis and your brain to expanded growth. When you improve the blood vessels in your dick you also improve your heart and brain blood circulation.