Perjured Pedophile Pleadings

Dear Mr. Alvin B. Sherron, Esq:

At page 2, paragraphs 1 and 3 of his ridiculously pathetic Declaration in Support of TRO, your client John Herriot again offers perjured testimony that CMEN member Charles Kenyon has obtained a restraining order against Defendant Dean McAdams. The goal of this post is to convince John Herriot to stop lying about a non-existent restraining order. 

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If Herriot’s Declaration is true, then why isn’t there a copy of any alleged restraining order attached to either his Declaration or Application for TRO? Why isn’t there a case number listed for any alleged restraining order. In what jurisdiction is any alleged order enforceable?  New York, Chicago, San Francisco or how about Coachella, California? Is this some type of global restraining order registered under the Hague Convention? Has any alleged restraining order been properly domesticated in California under applicable sister-state foreign registration statutes? Evidently Herriot has perjured himself in multiple jurisdictions with multiple organizations and multiple persons. 



the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.

Synonyms: lying under oath, giving false evidence/testimony, making false statements, willful falsehood.

“Rich Dalwigk offered perjured testimony at his South Compadre Road residence by lying to the Palm Springs Police Department about a non-existent restraining order against Dean McAdams.”

Your client is making allegations that are probably better suited in a United States jurisdiction. Please be advise that Defendant Dean McAdams may motion the court for removal of lawsuit to the Central District of California due to the civil liberty issues in your complaint. Herriot is making serious allegations that are severely restricting Defendant’s fundamental constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Herriot cannot personally inform the communities of Palm Springs and Malibu that there is a rumor of a restraining order based upon conversations with Charles Kenyon in Philadelphia.

philadelphia pedophiliaPhiladelphia Style Perjury

Philadelphia has separate pedophila laws that do not apply in California. If Mr. Kenyon chooses to transport ten year-old Asian boys to his Ogden Street massage parlor in the City of Brotherly Love, Defendant has agreed not to interfere with that human trafficking operation. However under stricter California law, Defendant may publish his sexual, political and religious beliefs in a public forum. Chas Kenyon does not have a restraining order against Dean McAdams because no restraining order is necessary, this is perjured testimony.  Mr. Kenyon’s child pornography transportation business is free to operate unrestricted without any interference from Defendant. Kenyon is also free to use his Ogden Street human trafficking warehouse without any further investigation by Defendant. However Mr. Kenyon may no longer use CMEN or Camp Shalom Malibu for gay sex trafficking in California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.