Persistence is a Mental Health Luxury

Persistence of Success

Persistence and time are a creative luxury. In the golden silence of blissful solitude new worlds are created. Creativity is the highest form of communication. Creativity is the primal force driving the universe. The beautiful mind is a constantly creative emotional energy source.

persistenceFor the first time in several years I am living in luxury conditions extremely conducive to creativity. The beauty of my living space is reflected in these blogs. I have room to spread out and run around the desert naked. I just woke up one day and the whole “gay” thing seemed repulsive to me. 

Persistently Safe

Why be a damn “gay” target? I have taken my private personal sex life back into the closet where it belongs. Nobody needs to know about my sexuality unless they are a big hot masculine man who is going to fuck me. Then I will persist in getting what I want.  I don’t want to talk sex with a bunch of little wussies who are incapable of providing me with a wholly gratifying sexual experience.

Incognito Espirito

From now on I am consistently gay for pay only. Gay for resourcefulness. Gay if it is in my absolute best interest. There is a really cool bear at the senior center that could be a nice daddy resource for me. He is already giving me my $5.00 lunch for $3.00. He cracked me up on Friday when he took my cash he called them “Jew bucks” ha ha ha. I said: “You talk like I do.”  The only thing that interests me about gay is does it lead to the good life for me. I have returned to my original mode of survival: When I am with straight people I am straight and when I am with gay people I am gay. Resourceful. Survival. Quality of life in the desert. 

Embodiment of Fantasy

persistence of visionFind out what their fantasy is and embody it. This is how the winners of the world write history. Donald Trump is just playing to the crowd giving them the bread and circuses they want and need. A little blood in the streets and a fake us-against-them mentality.