Reindeer Games

What Color is Your Personality?

Now that everybody wants to have a red nose I am changing mine to blue. Or green. My nose color will change to whatever color suits my personality at that time. My college filmmaking partner Jon Weindorf used to call me a chameleon. That’s exactly what my young drunk conniving mind was: a chameleon. I was full of life and my energy was wild and unfocused. I ran around the film and music industry like a spaced out chameleon trying to be what I thought would sell.  

personality chameleon Addictive Response

My addiction response has been transferred to blogging. The purpose of this blog is to illustrate the fact that I am now addicted to spontaneously writing articles on personality, meditation and universal consciousness. It is much cheaper and healthier than drinking. Now I am addicted to thinking. Time for treatment of my personality disorder with prayer and meditation.

personality disorderThe Over Socialized Personality

Who had the bright idea that everybody should conform their image with a red nose? When no one is looking I flash my blue nose in the mirror to remind myself to be myself. Playing all these silly reindeer games was never part of my method of operation. I prefer to be off the grid and unplugged from the matrix. I am Rudnick the Blue Nosed Reindeer and I subversively blink my rainbow nose at your over socialization. Later today I will change my nose to a setting which is appropriate to light social lunchtime intercourse. I will set my nose to a cool setting because it is 108 degrees in the desert. 

meditate lightGuiding Light

My lights are turned on and everybody’s home having a cosmic meditation party. I used to look around and wondered if anybody liked me because of my red nose. Now I flash my rainbow nose and wonder if I really feel like investing my time in talking to anyone. I have become very selective. I have become discerning. I want to be like the people I hang out with and I don’t really want to be like any of the people I am hanging around with. That’s why I said goodbye to the life I was living just last year.